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Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Beautiful moment there, Chiibi (and I like the art style ) and a very chivalrous catch by the guy

The only thing I can think of that approximates this is that I'll pause (and maybe walk away) if the writing is so bad it breaks my "suspension of disbelief" (that state of mind vital for any literature, movie, etc to work). You're watching a shallow sketch of real life when you watch or read something -- the creator has to use various tricks to get you into granting a reality to it. If they use the cliches poorly, integrate them poorly, and so on -- at some point you starting calling it stupid and stop wasting your time.
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Paranoid Android
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Too much cheesiness and too many cliches in one episode/chapter.

I get so frustrated and embarrassed/disgusted (?I don't know what that feeling is tbh) that I usually drop the series or drop the episode.

As for anime moments, no, I'm not a very sensitive person in that regard. I've had some bad past real events that do get brought up in a similar fashion in anime/manga but it just doesn't seem to affect me emotionally.
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Lolli for loli :D
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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Beautiful moment there, Chiibi (and I like the art style ) and a very chivalrous catch by the guy
Glad I could treat you to it. I took the screencaps myself. There were NONE online!
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