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Higurashi Game Threads and Off-Topic/Flamebait Tangents

Hi Higurashi Game Fans.

I have re-opened the two game discussion threads now, after we cleaned-up some content and took some moderation action against some members.

If you would like to continue to have a place to discuss Higurashi on this site at this stage, we ask that you please avoid pointless, cyclic, flamebait arguments that contribute nothing to interesting, relevant discussion.

In particular, some members have been trying to cause controversy over some of the "sexual" content in the Higurashi franchise, and keep harping on the same tired issues over, and over, and over -- in some cases for months/years. Enough already. Likewise, while you're welcome to discuss decisions made in the localization process, using this forum to promote personal vendettas and/or "crusades" against the localization team is not productive or acceptable. Please don't try to petition our members to support your "cause". If you wish to give feedback to the localization team, please use official channels to do so, and don't use this site in an attempt to "mobilize support".

The moderation team will take action against members who do not contribute constructively to the on-going discussion, and this action may include eviction from this portion of the site, and/or temporary/permanent bans from the forum. We believe that some people just need to be forced to move on, and we won't hesitate in helping precipitate that if necessary. (For more information on what we mean by constructive posting, please review this Forum Rule.)

If you run into any problematic posts, please just report them. Please do not respond, backseat-mod, or try to take actions into your own hands. The staff will review and deal with issues accordingly. If you have questions about this post, I'd invite you to contact the staff privately via Forum Support.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,
Forum Admin
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