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Old 2016-05-22, 00:21   Link #1
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One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum (3DS)

Boy, this one nearly flew under my radar! Looks like Burning Blood isn't the only OP fighting game being released this year! Credit goes to AP's Redon for the pic:

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

^And a translation of the above pic, courtesy of AP's YonkouProductions:


I'll become the "Pirate King"!!!!


Battle against your rivals
Aim for the strongest!!

ダイカイゾク コロシアム

One Piece
Great Pirate Colloseum


Release for 3DS!!


Will you become the strongest pirate? The peak of the pirates' decisive battle will begin on 3DS!!

世界中を航海して 、お気に入りの海賊団を作っていくモードも!!

Sail around the world; There's also a mode where you build your favourite team of Pirates!!


As you defeat rivals, your own 'Bounty' will increase!!


Easy to play and super exciting! Strike consecutive combos!!!!!


Aggressively pound on the attack button at a steady tempo, and you'll release an intense combo!! It will decide the match immediately!!

^So, it looks like you can make your own custom pirate crew in this game..... maybe this could satisfy the crowd who nominates every single new character that appears as the next crewmate in the main series, heh.
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Old 2016-05-22, 12:56   Link #2
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So what genre is this game? I probably wouldn't mind if the combat system is based off of Yo-Kai Watch though I would prefer the gameplay to be similar to the Skylanders franchise. I still await a One Piece game that will feature all characters including the final story arc much like Dragonball Xenoverse.
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I'm not actually sure what to think of it... judging by what they've said and what the screenshot looks like... I'm getting a Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi feel from it... and we aaaall know how that turned out.

But honestly... the last few handheld fighting games were pretty good, so there's still some hope atleast. I also can't tell from the screenshots as to how well the sprites are...
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