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Old 2011-09-23, 00:38   Link #181
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Does Mayuri remember everything that has happened now in the final proper world line?
She says after the time leap that she is ok now and he can cry from himself.
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Old 2011-09-23, 22:45   Link #182
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Originally Posted by MasterVampire View Post
Does Mayuri remember everything that has happened now in the final proper world line?
She says after the time leap that she is ok now and he can cry from himself.
The show is kind of vague on how much Mayuri remembers.

Spoiler for Just in case:
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Old 2011-10-01, 18:13   Link #183
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This was a very touching and moving episode. Due to some of my anxiety problems(not serious), I've refrain myself to watching one episode at a time, I usually wait three weeks at time and watch three episode continuously.

Now about this episode, It was one of the better episode of the series. I am not emotionally moved by touching moment as I use to be when I was an anime novice. It takes serious skills to move me nowdays, the most recent animes to do this would be clannad and Mito Hanna.

This episode moved me in ways that I couldn't have imagined this show to move me. I don't watch this show for romance but somehow anyone could tell that this episode was meant to be. The music followed the scene to a perfection and the VA did a terrific job. This was truly art. Art at its best.
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Old 2011-10-05, 09:03   Link #184
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Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
I said this a while back, but I realllly hope it's not Okabe who ends up somehow accidentally/or purposely killing this timeline's kurisu
predestine or predictable?
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Old 2011-10-29, 02:26   Link #185
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This episode really made me cry too.. and I thought the one where Feyris had to undo her dad was sad (I had tears in that one too, while watching on my notebook in Starbucks!). The way Kurisu delibrately overthrows the Dr Pepper so that Okabe has to turn back to pick it up, then she whispers what can only be "I love you", and when he turns back she's gone, the pain of parting entirely on her shoulders.

Then she has to come back a second after he presses the button on the keyboard, and this time the time travel is not instantaneous, long enough to tease Okabe with watching Kurisu come back one last time, and she's out of breath and can't finish that sentence which we all expect... denying him even the joy of hearing it from her lips one single time...

This episode was so beautifully done!!! It's so beautiful that while I bought a Kurisu Figma figure a few weeks back, I now refuse to open it or display it unless Figma release an Okabe figure too. They're made for each other, and having Kurisu standing on her own or with anyone else just won't satisfy me anymore.
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Old 2012-02-27, 10:20   Link #186
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Question Episode title

Is the episode title meant to be "begin" not "being"

... meltdown
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Old 2013-04-17, 18:36   Link #187
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