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Korean Webtoons

Korean webtoons going global:

"Although they have been around for just over a decade, webtoons ―
free digital cartoons regularly released, mostly through portal sites ―
have taken root as one of the most popular forms of entertainment for
people of both genders and all ages here."

"“With the rise of the Internet age, people’s lifestyles and consumer
patterns have changed … In this new environment, webtoons are able
to flourish,” said Park Seok-hwan, a professor at the department of
cartoon and comics creation at Korea College of Media Arts.

Then how exactly did webtoons manage to become one of South
Korea’s signature forms of entertainment?"



Korea’s LINE Webtoon Digital-Comics Publisher Signs
With CAA for TV and Film Projects:

"LINE Webtoon is looking to produce TV and movie adaptations of its
most popular digital comics: The division of South Korean internet
and search giant Naver has signed with CAA, which will exclusively
represent LINE Webtoon’s portfolio of comic titles for film and
television opportunities in the U.S."



Judging by the pictures in the article, the "Webtoons" look like digital

I wonder if these will catch on in the west as much as Manga has?
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Old 2018-04-28, 20:40   Link #2
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Korean-Style Webtoons and Webcomics Are The Future of
Comic Books:

"What happens when the comic book evolves for the future? For decades, the comic
book and even the newspaper comic strip have maintained a certain look and format.
But now, with the omnipresence of e-readers and smartphones, how will comic books
adapt to this new, screen-filled reality? Turns out, a new layout of comics quickly grew
out of Asia and is rapidly becoming the de facto format of reading comics on new

Enter the Webtoon."



Beyond Manga: Webtoons are Going Viral:

"You’ve probably already heard of webcomics — but have you heard of the Korean ones?
Chances are you haven’t. Webtoons are the Korean versions of webcomics, which are
digitally drawn and published cartoons/comic strips. Webcomics are taking over the world
in the form of short comics strips like Lunarbaboon and Cyanide & Happiness. You’ve
probably seen them floating around as memes; they look a lot like newspaper funnies.
Korean Webtoons, on the other hand, take inspiration from manga, manhwa, and comic


So, will the Webtoon style be the wave of the future, or just an industry footnote?
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