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Old 2004-12-23, 08:02   Link #5721
Member of the Year 2004!
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: "And if thou doest not well, _Sin_ lieth at the door."- Genesis 4:7
Age: 34
It's not hard choosing a signature to rate due to xris


I like it although, especially the bluish parts of the water and the border fits as well. The girl (forgot the name; she's from KGNE, right?) looks a little pressed but I guess it's because of the perspective
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Old 2004-12-23, 08:25   Link #5722
Magical Boy
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Hiding... don't try to find me.
Age: 14
Wow... so many removed sigs...

I guess I'll just be rating the graphic ones...

Azulet: 6.8\10, very simple, I'll just wait for the new one...
Yuiichi: 7.7\10 Its nice, but kinda plain.
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Old 2004-12-23, 08:42   Link #5723
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 30
Alright, edited my new sig, and posted it ^_^ I found out that my previous draft was a little too big in the height range, so i fixed that, and then was able to save at a higher quality ^_^ I also fixed the transparency of the girl to the right. Tell me what you think!

Shiryuu: I can see why you called my sig plain Yours is special effect maddness. It looks like you added the glass filter to the background.. maybe several times. You also added outer glow to the character. Well, i like how it all comes together, except for the text. The text is not straight... it kind of goes on a curve, like if you were to individually stamp the letters. I also just noticed that the outer glow on the character makes her glow where her and the border meets. Nice overall sig though! 9.5/10
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Old 2004-12-23, 09:11   Link #5724
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: United States
Age: 34
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god all the sigs are gone now, why does the forum need so many sig rules?

yuuchi as i said before 10/10 for your new sig, love the border, the on looking girl its just really cool to me its hard to say what i like so much about it, maybe id just like to by that guy eh ?

one girl in me arms and one waiting hehe

anyway cool sig.

ice i like ur sig to that anime girls hair looks really smart, when i draw anime i draw lines at end with a bit diff hair color for when i color it in (i aint colored nothing in yet ) but looks smart and background is cool with the sig.


agh theres my door ill rate rest of ya later mayb

My current top 3 ongoing animes are
Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, and
Kuroko no Basket.
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Old 2004-12-23, 13:41   Link #5725
Inuzuka Kiba Glomper
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Holland
Age: 26
Wavie: Nice, I'm not the sig specialist so that's all I can say ._. Blueness! I like blue! 9/10

Rate mine ~_~
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Old 2004-12-23, 15:43   Link #5726
Monarch Programmer
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Liverpool
Age: 37
Yuiichi: Great sig! Nice big size plus very sharp quality. 8/10

Ayame: Too bad, (Bad Chibi, naughty Chibi) But I did see the sig before it was removed and it was pretty good.


Sorry Chibi. I now know your sig was not to blame, tis was all the text underneath.
Current Anime - Attack on Titan
Current Manga - Naruto
Current Book - Waiting for War of the Roses
Current Album - Vessel by Twenty One Pilots

Last edited by Shay; 2004-12-24 at 20:29.
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Old 2004-12-23, 15:51   Link #5727
Within the Shadows
Join Date: Mar 2004
Age: 33
Shay: Nice Image, and I like how the name is kinda all I can say....... 9/10

Fixed my sig. Dropped the size to under 30Kb, lowered the height a little, and decreased the lines of text from 3 to 2.
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Old 2004-12-23, 15:58   Link #5728
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Charleston, SC
Age: 28
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Shay: Cuteness but kinda plain. 8/10

Ayame: It was nice before it was removed. Christmas spirit! 7/10

Mine's going to get removed soon I bet... rate it before it's gone.
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Old 2004-12-23, 16:06   Link #5729
Monarch Programmer
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Liverpool
Age: 37
snoopy007 : Yup it will get removed.

But it is quite nice; you could probably do with adding your name and maybe using a different image for your avy. 5/10 :Note: The low rating is because we have to sacrifice quality to get our sigs under the restrictions.


Yuiichi: I can't stop looking at your sig. Even though I don't know what it's from you have captured the sadness brilliantly! So Im gonna give it an extra point. 9/10
Current Anime - Attack on Titan
Current Manga - Naruto
Current Book - Waiting for War of the Roses
Current Album - Vessel by Twenty One Pilots
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Old 2004-12-23, 16:23   Link #5730
Muir Woods
Disheartened and Retired
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: 加拿大
Age: 32
Gaara. - 80% - Good sig. Every area is nicely filled.
Shadowlord - 78% - Pretty girls with green hair. I like green. But font could be fancier and I'm not digging the underline.
Yuiichi - 78% - Nice emotional scene for a sig.
Sarcasteak - 82% - Well done, but fake transperancy might a problem (not to me though).
Ambience Blue - 76% - Rei appreciation? . Your white text behind Rei's white suit is a bit hard to see. Although the shadow helps a bit.
Shay - 77% - Good GIF sequence of your name, but the image seems a bit fuzzy. Nevertheless, hot.
RavenChild - I know I rated this eons ago, but I'll give it 75%.
Thany - 80% - Cute lolis with blue hair never fails.
Naruto fanboy - 74% - Image seems a bit too blue/dark. I like the text font though.
nh1 - 75% - I don't like the font too much. Compressed a bit too much. Take advantage of all 30Kb allowed.
IcExAlcHeMy - 81% - Wow, cool and fancy effects. I like it a lot.
NinjaServ - 68% - Your sig is kind of annoying to look at. I guess it servers its purpose eh? Good luck at attaining 2 red buttons.
Prince of Chronics - 79% - Cool and well done sig.
Azulet - 76% - The pixilized colors looks kind of psychedelic.
Karma - 74% - Heh heh no pants? Good for a chuckle I guess.
Rol)ny ]V[al{ - 78% - It's cool. Could use some text of your name to the bottom right corner.
DracoBattousai - 70% - Much too dark and pale for my likeling.
Wavie - 79% - Nice source image and marble-like borders.

Im a bit reluctant to submit this signature for rating because theres so many flaws, but what the hey, might as well before I change my signature. I had to overcome two major obstacles while making this sig. First was getting the image perspective right on Lains monitor. Man that took a while, but after much adjustment of the images, and finally selecting the right tool (perspective), I got it to look somewhat right. Second obstacle was making the GIF less than the strict 30kb. I originally wanted 5 frames, but settled for 3. Even then, I had a hard time getting it less than 30kb. I spent an hour fiddling with the GIF optimization settings in ImageReady just trying to save the GIF. Ill self criticize the flaws. As you can see, some quality is compromised. You can contrast the difference in image quality of my sig to my lossless PNG avatar. I have a (backup) higher quality JPG of my sig of just my name on Lains monitor, but I thought that looked too boring. For my name, I choose a color that is similar to the ambient color of the image. I didnt want my name to stand out too much by choosing red or something, but the dim blue against the black BG of the monitor kind of made my name hard too see. If you didnt notice, I also used the perspective tool on the text of my name. It didnt turn out so well (or noticeable) as I hoped. And thatis the life story of this signature .
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Old 2004-12-23, 16:46   Link #5731
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
I haven't rated anyone in awhile. Let's see what other failures you people come up with.

Muir Woods = C+
Yuuchii = C
DracoBattosai = D

Wow, no failures. That's not right....
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Old 2004-12-23, 16:49   Link #5732
Magical Boy
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Hiding... don't try to find me.
Age: 14
Muir: I like the computer thing, 7.8\10
Shay: The text doesn't really fit, otherwise its nice 7.5\10
Snoopy: Its good, but there's too much stuff in there, also the text on the bottom is true 7\10
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Old 2004-12-23, 18:21   Link #5733
Join Date: Nov 2003
Shiryuu : the original picture in itself is already awesome But you also made a nice job in editing it and it looks really interesting plus Sakura is really cute in this pic :P
The 'i' in your name seems to be cut in pieces though
You get a 9.5/10

aahhsin : no signature

Muir Woods : interesting concept Seems like one of the screens in the computer shows AnimeSuki :P Not a bad signature IMO. 8/10.

xris : just saw your new invisible signature and I was like WTH? Good thing it's invisible or you might frighten anybody with this signature at the end of each of your posts! 10/10!
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Old 2004-12-24, 06:51   Link #5734
lost in wonder forever...
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: edge of my dream in the land of twilight...ZzzZzZ
Hmm, I haven't posted here in awhile. Now that my fall semester for college is over I decided to make a new sig since I finally have some free time. I've taking parts from a wallpaper I did and made it into my new sig. The girl is Alice and I think she's a character from a dating sim called Suigitu(sp?).

Thany 7/10: Aww Thany, the past sigs you had were cuter.

Muir Woods 9/10: Oooh a animated sig I like and Lain blends well with the background like she's really there.

Wavie 7/10 and Yuiichi 7/10: Good pictures, nothing much else to say...

Shay 8/10: Nice another animated sig and the girl looks cute.

DracoBattousai 8/10: I like the borders you made for the picture but where's your name? 0.o

snoopy007 9/10: I really like the background, did you make it?

Shiryuu 6/10: Mmm, the background needs some work.
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Old 2004-12-24, 12:17   Link #5735
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: A-town
Age: 32
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wandering youth = 9/10 great background

muir = 7/10 nice computer effect but that picture is gross looking

snoopy = 9/10 nice theme
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Old 2004-12-25, 16:19   Link #5736
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
Age: 29
Muir Woods - O.o 8.1/10
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Old 2004-12-26, 18:19   Link #5737
Rol)ny ]V[al{
The MacMilitant
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: T dot O, Canada
Age: 30
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IcExAlcHeMy - background looks nice. making it more redder would look much better. 8.5/10.

aahhsin - 9/10 cause its naruto. naruto's the best NYEAH
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Old 2004-12-26, 22:52   Link #5738
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Stuck in a loop
Age: 39
Shiryuu - Very nice. 8/10
Wavie - Also very nice. 8/10

I managed to break 2 of the size rules, I feel so dirty.
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Old 2004-12-27, 04:00   Link #5739
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: 東京
Age: 30
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Avaj - 9/10. It's too big, but it's Rukia and Ichigo. You deserve it. I like how you put your name, too~ <3
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Old 2004-12-27, 05:41   Link #5740
Just call me Ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: U.K. Hampshire
Originally Posted by MidoriShinobi
Avaj - 9/10. It's too big, but it's Rukia and Ichigo.
That's good coming from someone with a sig 86,122 bytes, 151 pixels high and text! The only size limit you didn't break was the width. So, 0/10.
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rate, signature

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