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Old 2019-02-09, 21:49   Link #21
Cosmic Eagle
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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Well, Bilibili Douga did name themselves after Misaka. So I think it is a good thing that they returned the favor by singing Bilibili in the OP.
Is that for real? Bilibili is actually named after Misaka?
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Old 2019-02-09, 23:48   Link #22
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The new Opening is pretty awesome and suitably epic. I'm glad Maon Kurosaki isn't trying to sound like Mami Kawada anymore, and I feel like the music was much more in-line with her style. And it looks like we have plenty of cool stuff to look forward to for the rest of the season .

Lessar as Touma's new sidekick was certainly a fun addition, with her bluntness and teasing making for an entertaining dynamic with Touma. And first she's all about helping Touma for the sake of England, but then it turns out she's pretty much there just to get into his pants, which I guess makes her probably the most direct of the women in Touma's life. Too bad he's still just too dense to get it .

That moment when you're about to rob a place and stumble onto a robbery-in-progress that you then end up foiling. I think that just about sums up Shiage's life at this point .

So apparently there was a secret Misaka clone out there that is now coming after Accelerator, and with a name like "Misaka Worst" and with such a ferocious look about her, I can only imagine what she's like and exactly what her situation is. Also, Ai Kakuma does a pretty solid Rina Sato impression, since I actually thought that was her at first (even though Sato has never voiced any of the Mikoto clones) .

Touma, Fiamma, Lessar, Sasha, Vento, and Elizalina all together...that honestly seems more exciting then the entire battle royale arc as depicted in the anime .
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Old 2019-02-11, 08:03   Link #23
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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Is that for real? Bilibili is actually named after Misaka?
Yes, it's true. Bilibili also own the Overwatch League team "Hangzhou Spark", whose finger-pointing hand logo is also supposed to be reference to Mikoto. Apparently they originally wanted more direct references to Mikoto in the logo for Hangzhou Spark but Blizzard rejected them.
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Old 2019-02-11, 10:49   Link #24
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Ok Not-Putin, if you are ready to start a war then you are ready to see your country turn in a wasteland, not bad feelings later, right?
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Old 2019-02-16, 00:23   Link #25
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The OP is great, though some scene exaggerated. I just disappointed that JC Staff didn't put the moment where Touma is smart. At least he better handling Lessar
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