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Old 2018-10-27, 17:57   Link #181
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Copyright Law Just Got Better for Video Game History:

"A new ruling from the Librarian of Congress is good news for video game preservation.
In an 85-page ruling that covered everything from electronic aircraft controls to farm
equipment diagnostic software, the Librarian of Congress carved out fair use exemptions
to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for video games and software in general.
These exemptions will make it easier for archivists to save historic video games and for
museums to share that cultural history with the public."

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Old 2018-10-27, 17:59   Link #182
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What Happens When Telecom Companies Search Your Home for Piracy:

"When 30-year-old web developer Adam Lackman heard loud knocking on his
Montreal apartment door around 8 AM, he thought he was about to be robbed.

On that morning on June 12, 2017, Lackman looked through the peephole and saw
men he didnít recognize. They called out his name. He didnít answer. ďScared for his
life,Ē he called the police and, he said, hid in a closet holding a knife while he waited
for the cops to arrive.

When the police showed up after about 20 minutes, according to Lackman, he opened
the door and was met by lawyers, a bailiff, and, rather ominously, a locksmith. Seeing
that he wasnít about to be mugged, the police left.

One of the lawyers represented some of Canadaís most powerful telecommunications
and media companies: Bell, Rogers, Vidťotron, and TVA. The other was there to be an
independent observer on behalf of the court. Lackman was told that he was being
sued for copyright infringement for operating TVAddons, a website that hosted user-
created apps for streaming video over the internet. The crew was there with a civil
court order allowing them to search the place."

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Old 2018-12-01, 04:39   Link #183
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The Music Industry Asks US Government to Make
'Unauthorized Streaming' a Felony:

"Six years after massive online protests shuttered wide swaths of the internet, the music
industry has renewed calls for internet filters in a bid to tackle copyright infringement.
But experts say such filters not only donít work, they tend to result in unintended
censorship, a lesson the industry refuses to learn after years of controversy.

Both the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) were laws proposed
by the entertainment industry that would have forced ISPs to censor websites deemed
infringing by the entertainment industry. A massive online backlash ultimately scuttled
both proposals in 2012 after thousands of companies, artists, and critics argued the
filters would chill legitimate speech and potentially break the internet.

Itís not clear that the entertainment industry has learned much from the experience."

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