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A Hazardous Form of Peace:

"Of the five conflicts he examines -- North Korea's "frozen" stalemate, Beijing's
expansion in the South China Sea, Russia's "hybrid" invasion of Ukraine, the proxy and
tribal battles in Yemen and the anarchy in the Congo -- none resemble the stereotype of
conventional war.

The greatest trick modern despots ever pulled was to convince the world that war has
ceased to exist by disguising it as other things. In 1999, nine years after Bay's anecdote
and 7 years after Francis Fukuyama's book The End of History and the Last Man
appeared, two Chinese air force colonels wrote a paper to contrive just that. It laid out
how China could defeat America without a conventional confrontation. Their book,
Unrestricted Warfare, proposed an ancient yet largely forgotten strategy to achieve this:
by spreading out offensive activity over so many domains no one component would
individually cross a red line. Then people like the woman who buttonholed Austin Bay
would think nothing was happening until it was too late. The thesis of Colonels Qiao
Liang and Wang Xiangsui was neatly summarized by War on the Rocks:"

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