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Old 2018-11-26, 07:46   Link #1
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Article 13 We need to stand up and protest~!

Hey ho~! just a resident of the Internet over here~ and just recently have been made aware of a New Law that Europe is recently have been establishing~ and fear that the internet that we knew today may come to an end~

This here is a link to a Video made by The Film Theory as it explains all of the current Threat that we Residents of the Internet are currently facing Unaware.

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Old 2018-11-27, 09:15   Link #2
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I would add that it's not just about memes. This kind of superfluous Internet legislation is hugely unpopular among younger generations, and if more of these people lose faith in the EU, we're likely to see more Brexit-type scenarios going forward.

Appealing to the survival of the Union can be a good tactic when dealing with the politicians involved.
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Old 2018-12-04, 19:40   Link #3
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Funny thing is a version of this was rejected a few month back.. but the EU is really keen on revotes.
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