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Old 2009-07-03, 08:44   Link #81
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Originally Posted by Tamad View Post
Not to be crude or anything, but I find it ironic that one of your previous posts states your saving of effort because people don't read... when you yourself aren't reading. I might just be seeing it in a different way, but I haven't even seen much complaining around these topics for a good while...

You also stated that you haven't played the game, so I don't think it's very fair for you to say that people are just trying to find an excuse to claim that anime Alicia was different from game Alicia. No I don't expect Alicia to give Welkin cookies and such when she thought he was a possible spy, and game Alicia did treat him hostile, but the way anime Alicia and game Alicia handled the hostility were completely different. Anime Alicia was a lot more combative, snarky, and conceited to Welkin when they first met, which in turn are qualities of a tsundere. Now I don't know if I <i>would</i> call her a full on tsundere during the first six episodes, but I'll admit that qualities were there at least. If you don't consider her to be a tsundere, then that's all you, I don't see why other people labeling her as one should bother you.

In the end I probably wasted my time writing this post, since you don't care what anyone says anymore. I'm curious as to what is bugging you about this tsundere conversation (the complaints long faded away in my eyes) anyways... Some people who quite liked Alicia's game personality just as you like her anime personality were a little taken aback that her personality was completely changed to suit the anime, I don't really see a problem in that, and I don't see why anyone would be surprised at some complaints or even arguments to break out concerning it.

And about complaining about Alicia in general, I think there are so many other changes to the adaption that her personality was the least of my worries... especially now that she seems to have warmed up and got back on track. She was still lovable and amusing both ways though.
Well I've backed off a bit, Just dissapointed to see the people throw stuff at a *character*. When I came here I was exceited about this anime. Only reason I been involved in this section of the forums.

I read, but I respond because I guess I dont feel its right. I have the habbit to defend something thats not right/correct alot. Ima sorta wierd like that. I've learnt reading forums like makes you think why people like to thow abuse to characters even when its only an anime (as in many other animes. Example... its annoys me that people complain how stupid Emiyo is from fate/stay night, then the complain how stupid raki is from claymore who is the oppisite of Emiyo to an extent... I mean how do you explain that ? cant win either way. Even if they have there own importance in the anime.). Soooo I've gone into popcorn mode here, have already stated what I think in this tread nothing more for me to say. At most she thinks of him as a tard early in the series because of his wierdness, but shes starting to know him better by being his sergeant. Guess I confused how people overlooks this as Tsundere. Dont really think its worth me causing more trouble over.

I replied because your post was fair

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Old 2009-08-16, 20:57   Link #82
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I can only comment on anime Alicia, but .....
OMG, another Mary Sue character, I almost didn't watch the show after the first 2 eps.
If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, look here

On another note, from seeing clips of the game, and comparing it to the anime. Alicia got one hell of a boob job for her anime role o.0
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Old 2009-08-17, 09:06   Link #83
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I really Dislike the anime Alicia who is a basic stupid Tsundere for me (more like Louise from Zero no Tsuku, Karen from Code Geass or Asuka than Rin Tohsaka)

She seem very Tsundere because she is shown near to the very very Stupid anime Welkin and she need to be violent against his stupidity.

I prefer the Alicia from the game who remind me Nausicaa or a character as Eruru (from Utawarerumono).

The game and the manga version are the best for me.
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Old 2009-09-03, 16:44   Link #84
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A little bit of maturity in terms of love wouldn't have hurt the character, bit of a flaw considering. I do prefer the game one but the anime one is pretty good too, I like her well enough
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Old 2009-09-10, 15:50   Link #85
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alicia could indeed use some maturity but it's not like she is completly stupid. I blame Welkin, he is to weak.

in the end I really like her. And I wouldn't really care her a tsundere.

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