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Old 2007-06-08, 03:26   Link #21
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Originally Posted by -KarumA-
so true, im glad we finally get to see a WW2 movie from the japanese side, i find it interesting to see how things were there during WW2
Yup. There's quite a few interesting things about the Japanese experience in World War II that are responsible for the sometimes strange way they conducted operations; and a lot of these were portrayed fairly well in Letters from Iwo Jima. While the film may not be strictly historically accurate, there are enough gaps in the record that there's some room for interpretation.

Oh, and please note that the enlisted soldiers in the film were largely conscripted into service in the middle of the war. They're going to behave quite a bit differently from the IJA soldiers that joined in the '30s (just as IJN personnel would behave differently from IJA soldiers).

Originally Posted by Syaroan
But honestly, I think a movie can't really show what war really is...
Listen to the stories of survivors, veterans or people the were a child during that time. And I don't mean TV or books... but face to face.
First-hand accounts are a great way of learning about the past. The only problem is that teh person that you're learning from is likely to only have a very limited perspective on the larger events. Something like World War II is so massive that it's almost essential to have a good grasp of the context of any particular story. That's why fiction, documentaries, and books are so important in learning history. Unfortunately, the only way to get a lot of this kind of info is by hunting down the books on the subject. The internet is a very poor substitute, and there's often lots of accuracy problems with the other works (not to mention that most of them don't have the proper amount of detail).
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Old 2007-06-15, 04:23   Link #22
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That movie actually annoyed me.

People like to talk about the "absurdity of war" when they see "Saving private Ryan"(or watch Gundan, but in that case it's ridiculous).It's a cliché now.

But this movie was truly absurd.I know it's based on real events and that makes it even worse.
That people could behave in such way defies common sense.

The scene that really shoked me and that I absolutely can't understand is when some soldiers are in a cave and they commit suicide with Grenades.I simply can't understand that.Kamikaze crashing on a battleship?OK,makes sense(sort of).
People killing themselves in a dark caves with grenades?Sorry,I can't understand.

I can understand if people want to fight to death for they country,but I can't understand the behavior that I saw in this movie.
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Old 2007-06-15, 09:34   Link #23
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^ Actually, that's good. You've already learned something quite valuable.

If the behaviour of the Japanese soldiers in that scene astounds you even today, at a time when we know so much more about Japanese culture, how do you think American soldiers felt back in the 1940s when they actually had to confront such totally alien behaviour?

Why, I imagine it might feel very much like how you feel now.
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