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Old 2017-10-15, 23:55   Link #21
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JEBAITED! I was thinking, man, Chakuro and Saimi are really into each other. Next thing I know.... kaboom! Oh well, there's always Lykos right?

Welp, looks like Chakuro is leaving the island, since he said that's his last day as an archivist. Now I do wonder, why are these children of the whales called 'sinners'. The council probably knows all about this already since they don't want to talk to Lykos, and it's weird only those past 61 gets all the info. Looks to me they don't want the Marked know; i mean why else would they keep it a secret? So the Council doesn't look like their hands are entirely clean; if they know they are being hunted and won't divulge the information to the Marked, something really fishy is up.

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Old 2017-10-16, 10:16   Link #22
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Another beautiful episode this week.

There's definitely something suspicious about the council and elders. Feels like they are hiding something. Sami also seems to have an obvious crush on Chakuro. Next episode will probably be more bloody by the looks of it with that cliffhanger.

I'd still like to know more about Lykos but I think it'll take more time for the show to flesh out her character more.
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Old 2017-10-17, 10:00   Link #23
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PV1 already spoils Sami's fate.
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Old Yesterday, 17:20   Link #24
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It felt like a sanitised mix of Siusei no Gargantia and Shin Sekai Yori at first but I wonder if the attack at the end will change things. I hope it does because, as much as I wanted to like this show I was held back by the clunky world building and exposition. And some of the developments just felt really forced too. You let out a repeat offender and then immediately tell him that a rare sensitive meeting is taking place that he could easily ruin? What is up with that? I suppose it may be intentional that this whole society seems so pure and naive but it sure does make me worry too.
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Old Yesterday, 22:25   Link #25
Waiting for more taiyuki!
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Originally Posted by deadite View Post
PV1 already spoils Sami's fate.
The last minutes of ep. 2 showed it. No need to rewatch the 1st PV.

That ship sunk faster than the Titanic.
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