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Old 2020-11-16, 21:16   Link #1
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Patching up an older brother/younger sister relationship (no romance)

Just as the request says, I'm looking for some good stories about an older brother and younger sister who have an estranged relationship and manage to patch things up, but without any incest/romance involved. They can share a very powerful bond by the end, but no desire to cross those boundaries. Doesn't have to be the core of the story or anything, but if possible the two should be major/main characters and rebuilding the relationship should be a significant point. In any case the harder the break between the two the better.
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Old 2020-11-18, 06:05   Link #2
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Maybe Code Geass? Or the Fate/ stay night sequel hollow ataraxia to some extent.
I also seem to remember that Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai had something like that, but I already forgot most of what was going on in that one. Maybe I'll rewatch it sooner or later.
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