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A very nice series, following the framework of the last season in a fresh and developed way. Nidame and Benten's complicated feelings came as a surprise (I expect they were elaborated in the novel), but I don't care much for either of them compared to the adorable furballs.

Benten gets a little sympathy, as she didn't chose to get abducted by a Tengu and stranded between two worlds, but loses more for being an entitled, self-centred jerk. Nidame likewise revealed himself as a Sasuke Uchiha level drama queen at heart. Still, all the arrogant Tengu did the series good, by showing up the humility and earnestness of the Tanuki. Acadama-sensei seemed to have been sobered this season by his son's arrival, actually acting like a wise mentor on occasions. But in season 1 Yasaburo displayed such virtuous respect for the elderly and fatheaded that he should be held up as an public example to the modern age. As should Yaichiro's charging out out the Trick Meister ceremony to rescue his rescue his brother, showing the meaning of family to both of the other, dysfunctional, families in the series.

Kaisei and Yasaburo were very cute in the end. It's telling that the only Tanuki to keep his human shape in front of Benten loses it for Kaisei (and high time that hopeless crush was knocked on the head) I had a naive idea that giving up his shapeshifting for love would symbolise Yasaburo's settling down into adulthood, but he seems carefree as ever, so far. Sadly, if the wait for book three is analogous to the eight year wait between One and Two, a third series seems unlikely.

Originally Posted by ValvraveTruth View Post
6) The clear hierachy of Uchouten world, Tengu>Human>Tanuki. See the Jurojin like a boss to want to capture all Tanuki? He doesn't faze at all, despite in front of many Tanukis who have the power to whack him.(In novel he was more clearly decribed at that moment and all tanukis really afraid of him).
If Jurojin is stronger than Benten, he's stronger than the Tanuki (probably not stronger than Nidame). I wouldn't be surprised if eating Tanuki, perhaps with additional rituals, gives Jurojin his magic powers, which are the ultimate reason the Tanuki can't take out the Friday club. He's been the bigger bad of the series for me, above Soun, so very impressed when Yasaburo tackled him in ep 11. I'm sure he will grow up into the finest Tanuki since Tokugawa Ieyasu
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Old 2017-07-04, 04:08   Link #182
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How much money do I have to write in this check before I send it to the author for a 3rd book?
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