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Old 2021-09-07, 08:10   Link #1
Lumine Passio
Join Date: Jul 2013
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The people behind comfy isekai?

Do we know if the authors of the restaurant isekai, drugstore iseakai, architecture isekai, etc. work as chefs, chemists or architects? If it is so, then it's really interesting how they process their day jobs and their daily operation, impact, etc. through the funnel of isekai. Or at least I want to know why they choose writing as a hobby.

But if they don't work these jobs, then I wonder why did they choose these specific careers to write about? Did they just one day say "I want to write a comfy isekai, what kind of comfy job my character can take in a new world?"
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Old 2021-09-07, 08:55   Link #2
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Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
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I only know that the author of drugstore isekai (but not the current one, the one that recently got announced) was an actual farmacist.
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Old 2021-09-07, 16:17   Link #3
Join Date: Dec 2006
I'd say that if they were, they wouldn't be a Narou, but then I barely remembered that not all Isekais are Narous and that plot point wasn't originally abused by author-wannabes to make convenient rules and dumb-but-smarter-than-otherworlders-protagonists.
But there is probably an exception or two.

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Old 2021-09-09, 23:19   Link #4
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Depend I'd say, I have read some with some oddly specific knowledge that make me suspect the author is in such line of work even if they don't aware, and not to mention beside farmer, comfy Isekai with specific profession is actually pretty rare in the 1st place.
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