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Old 2022-07-04, 16:30   Link #3901
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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Wasn't Weather beaten by Accel Trial?
They had a short fight before where W almost memory break him...

Still Weather pulled up a better fight least he tried
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Old 2022-07-05, 00:42   Link #3902
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Originally Posted by justavisitor View Post
But Solomon was a "final boss" at that time, that means, at that time, Solomon was the most powerful evil being there...

Do we have a better midboss vs final form fight in KR Series (When I say midboss, I mean at that time both sides know there already exists a higher evil being??)
Agito team dealing with El of Earth, El of Water and El of Wind. After El of Water died, the rest decided to collab, got elemental buffs from Overlord.
Actually strong (need Exceed Gill's heel coupled with G3X's Rocket Launcher as bare minimum finisher) and persistent (usually together, steadily increase their kill count, have no qualms interrupting Rider doing finisher so you really have to defeat them as team if you can't defeat them on first encounter)

555 team dealing with Dragon Orphenoch and Rose Orphenoch. Dragon did well against Blaster Form, albeit didn't last long, while Rose never short of trick (he's nearly as strong as Dragon, have wide-area attacks, but prefer hit-and-run as if he's weak without using Delta Gear; more believable CEO than Aruto and Gai LOL) until Arch Orphenoch ate him for nutrients.

Wizard Infinity vs. Gremlin / Wiseman, I think this one count as they seal the deal with Gremlin after Fueki said he won't use Koyomi for power-up and suspecting Gremlin.
Its obviously one-sided as Infinity Jewel is strongest jewel after Philosopher Stone but I consider it good because its kind of entertaining to see Wiseman punch and kick have no effect to Infinity so he forced to use magic, also Gremlin got final boss seat by simply abusing his super speed. First time someone became a final boss simply because he's the fastest to sneak in every opportunity on top of not being picky about method; his downfall happened because he ditched speed build for strength build. LOL.

Another Zi-O, I gave him point for being so dedicated about ruining Sougo life.

Life is simple, that's why it became complicated. -
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Old 2022-07-05, 02:17   Link #3903
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Well, the Charybdis Megid also puts up a pretty good fight against Xross Saber, Durandal and Sabela, even though it's weaker than Solomon.
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henshin, kamen rider, tokusatsu

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