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Mai-HiME DRAMA CD Translations~

Here are some of the translations that were in the PREVIOUS Asuki Threads, and Others i found ^___^

Drama CD #2
Kudos to Nagumo of

Note: 'negi' is japanese 'leek', you know. Those type of onions.

2nd Drama CD
1st track: Prologue translated

(sound of pages turning and then quiet gentle laughter. Knocking at door)

Fumi: Mashiro-sama, the tea is ready

Mashiro: (in a very good mood) Thank you very much Fumi-san

Fumi: (door opens) You seem to be a very good mood. May I ask what you are reading? (sound of tea cart being rolled in)

Fumi: Historical accounts/stories/events of Fuuka Gakuen, 1st volume.

Mashiro: Yes, it seems like he gathered all sorts of stories that he shouldn't have in this. (amused) It's so fun to read.

Fumi: I'm glad for you.

(Nagi teleporting in)

Nagi: Hi Mashiro-chan!

Mashiro: As usual, you refuse to use the door to come in here...

Nagi: But it's such a bother. On a different not, it seems like you enjoyed that book

Mashiro: Oh yes, though Tokiha-san and the others would get angry over this.

Nagi: Oh, yes that is a problem. Beause of that book I can't hang around in the library. Those girls are...

(Flash to girls noise)

Natsuki: (pissed off) Nagi, where are you?! Stop hiding you bastard and come out!

Mai: How dare you write those stories!

Mikoto: Come out into the open!

Mai: He comes here right?

Natsuki: There's no mistake about it, this library is his hideout

Mikoto: But he's not here.

Natsuki: Yes, but he has to show his face in here some time... Until then let's set up a trap and wait. Got it?

Mikoto: Hm.

Mai: I understand

(flash back to Nagi)

Nagi: That's how it is, I worry about my life (not serious)

Mashiro: (giggles) It's far too late, the seed you have planted must be taken care of by you (jibun de maeta tane wa jibun de nantoka nasaru mono de arimasen to)

Nagi: what! That's cold. You were enjoying it too. (evil snicker) If you say such cold/cruel things to me (slids out something) I'll show this to everyone next. JAN! (sudden music)

Mashiro: (she sounds sort of surprised) That's...

(Music starts up)

Mai: (Narrating) Cd Drama Mai hime.

Natsuki: Historical accounts/stories/events of Fuuka Gakuen.

Mikoto: 2nd book/volume

(music ends)

Mashiro: Second... volume? (sounds like her face is paling at the implications)

Nagi: This time around I wrote something about Mashiro-chan

Mashiro: (stuttering with embarassement) Wha... about... m.. me? There aren't any secret stories about me to write about for that book. Right Fumi-san?

Fumi: (airheaded) Yes.

Nagi: (disappointed) Okay then, since I'm going to show this to everyone! Bye

Mashiro: Ah...


Nagi: (narrating) Seven months into the future, classes are over and summer vacation is in progress. Kuga Natsuki who wore her bikini by the sea had caught a cold. That being said, I think it was from the shock of doing the sexy hitchhike pose is at fault/responsible for the cold.

Mai: CD drama; Mai Hime. Fuuka Gakuen stories volume 2. 1st story: Oni no Kakuran (demonic uproar?)

(something is beeping)

Natsuki: 38 degrees? (cough) What a blunder... To catch a cold at this time....

(Ding dong, door bell rings)

Natsuki: Oh, she's finally here. Thank god.

(walking, door opening)

Natsuki: Sorry Shizuru, making you come over with food and medicine... EH?!

Mai: What are you doing wearing such thin clothes?

Mikoto: You're not going to get better from cold in those clothes.

Natsuki: Why are you here?

Mai: That's besides the point. The sick/patient should return to their bed.

Mikoto: HM!

Natsuki: but the one I asked to help me was Shizu (cough)

Mai: We are here on behalf of Kaicho-san (Madame Presidente) because she has to attend a meeting she can't possibly miss, so she asked us to take care of Natsuki for her. Mikanji ta? (don't know how to translate mikanji ta). So now that's over, ojyamashimasu (lit. sorry to bother you)

Natsuki: GAH! Wait! Wait! I'll go and clean up my room.

Mai: Uwa... What's with this mess? Are you properly cleaning up? And this is such an expensive looking apartment/condo too...

Natsuki: Shut up. I'm not feeling well, so it can't be helped.

Mikoto: Hey, Mai look! A bra! It's black and lacy!

Mai: Leaving dirty clothes out in the open?... Hmph, and you say you're a collector

Natsuki: Don't touch (cough, sounds pretty bad)

Mai: Really now. I'll clean up for you, the patient should cooperate by going to bed.

natsuki: But...

Mai: No buts, leave it to me. When I finish cleaning, I'll cook some okayu (rice gruel) for you. Mikoto! Put Natsuki to bed!

Mikoto: Hm! (grabs Natsuki) Let's go, Natsuki!

Natsuki: I got it already! Don't pull! Er, I said stop pulling! Hey! I'm the sick one here! ( cough)

(door opens and closes)

Mai: Well now, I guess I should start.

(clicking of cutlery)

Natsuki: Thank you for the meal (gochisosama)

Mai: Was it good?

Natsuki: (taken off guard) Uh, yeah, it was delicious.

Mikoto: uh huh. It really is good. Seconds! (okawari)

Mai: That was extra/bonus for you. That's all for today.

Mikoto: (makes sad noises)

Mai: but I'm glad. I didn't know what Natsuki's family rice gruel (okayu) tastes is like, so I just made my own thing.

Natsuki: My family...?

Mai: Oh you know, family meal recipes. This okayu (rice gruel) should taste like this for people with a cold. What you just ate was the Tokiha family version.

Natsuki: (quite voice) Family/Home flavor/taste... (ie no aji = also could be translated as 'mother's cooking/flavor' in food)... I see, so it's supposed to be like this.

Mai: Huh?

Natsuki: Oh... it's nothing. It's just that my mother worked a lot and was busy, so she didn't really have time for those types of things.

Mai: Natsuki...

Natsuki: So... um... Thank you.

Mai: Your welcome. Besides I learned a lot about the Hime's from you and got saved by you too. So we're even.

natsuki: (quiet) Mai...

Mai: Right, let's change your clothing. You seem to be sweating, and as extra I'll wipe your body...

(shock noise from Natsuki... she is such a prude)

Mai: It might not look like it but I am a pro at nursing. And you wearing such scanty pajyamas won't hurry up your recovery. So remove!

Natsuki (struggling): HEY! WAIT~! Mercy! Don't pull! (struggling) I can do it by myself! (cough)

Mai: Look at yourself. It's all right, just leave it to me. So 'banzai' (ie. lift up your arms) Stop your useless struggling. I've already seen without panties before, there's nothing else for you to be embarrassed about.

Natsuki: This and that have no... (struggling) AH! Stop Mai!

Mai: Ohhh... You really do have nice proportions. Oh, so Natsuki's mark is located here...

Natsuki: Stop looking.

Mai: TSU (Blows air)

Natsuki: Don't blow on it! (badly translated)

Mai: I have no choice but see it, if you don't like it just let me do my job quickly.

Natsuki: (sounds defeated)

Mikoto: Natsuki why are crying? Does it really feel that good?

Natsuki: That's not it!

Mai: It's all right. I'm not like 'Kaichou-san' (Madame presidente) with her wandering hands (badly translated line)

Natsuki: Of course you're not! Hey, where are you...

Mai: Oh sorry, my hand slipped.

Natsuki: For the love of...

Mai: There, all over.

Mikoto; (Sigh) Oh, Natsuki... Your face is redder than before

Mai: Hm? Did your fever become worse?

Natsuki: Shut up! Just let me go to sleep. I'm begging you.

Mai: Okay, okay. Then...

(door bell rings)

Mai: Huh? I wonder who it is.

(door opens)

Shizuru: Forgive me Tokiha-san. How is Natsuki?

Reito: Well Mai-san, I came along to visit as well.

Shiho: (can barely hear her words).....

Tate: So why do I have to come along too?

Mikoto: Wow, lots more people.

Mai: Seems like you're very popular Natsuki.

Natsuki: Give me a break...

Nagi: (narrating) seven months, blah blah blah, lots of people go to Natsuki's blah blah. (I still don't like Nagi)

Mai: CD drama; Mai Hime. Fuuka Gakuen stories volume 2. 2nd story: Natsuki, zettai zetsumei (Natsuki's desperation)

Shizuru: I'm so sorry Natsuki. I wanted come to your side right away.. but, heh, you seem well enough. That puts me at ease.

Reito: Sorry, but today's meeting absolutely required Shizuru's presence and so I made her come.

Natsuki: I see...

Reito: But seeing Mai-san and the others here, I guess that coming here was unnessary. (soft suggestive voice) I thought leaving Shizuru-san with Natsuki-san alone would have been too dangerous.

Shizuru: Ara Reito-san, what ever do you mean?

Reito: (nervous laugh)

Mai: And? Why are you here?

Tate: Shopping! Shopping! Things like cold medecine, food, drinks and all sorts of stuff.

Mai: I see. As expected of the Student council gofer.

Tate: Shut up!

Midori: I just wanted to confirm Natsuki-chan's condition. Tomorrow you have a cooking make up exam and if you miss it it'll be a problem for me.

Mai: Why would you worry about that Midori-chan?

Midori: Well that's for you to find out tomorrow at your pleasure.

Tate: Speaking of cooking. What should I do with this? (rustling of bag) The food here is not needed.

Mikoto: (grumbling stomach) Mai... I'm hungry.

Mai: But... You just ate some rice gruel (okayu)

Mikoto: But okayu (rice gruel) is easily digested.

Mai: Really now. Hm, no one has eaten dinner yet. So why don't I make something for everyone?

Reito: How wonderful to eat Mai-san's hand made dishes.

Tate: But aren't you also taking that cooking make up exam too?

Mai: (insulted) I was busy taking care of Takumi!

Tate: (still suspicious) But still...

Mai: What's with that look/those eyes? All right then, I'll show you my skills.

Tate: Is that so? Go on and show me.

Reito: Tanoshimi da ne (literally: what pleasure)

Midori: yeah

Natsuki: (sounds sick and tired) You guys, getting excited is fine but aren't forgetting something?

Shizuru: It's all right. I'll be taking care of you now Natsuki. I've perfectly prepared everything for staying over. You don't even need to walk to the washroom (clink of glass) since I've prepared this as well.

Natsuki: Shizuru that's! (sounds disturbed and then coughs)

Reito: Shizuru-san... As expected...

Mai: (sounds a bit freaked) Um... ah... I'll leave it to you. I'll make kaicho-san's (Madame Presidente) share of food too. So please eat it as well.

Shizuru: Ookini (thank you)

Natsuki: Wait! Mai! HEY!

(flashforward sound)

(clattering of dishes)
Midori: Wow, this is good.

Reito: Wow. This isn't flattery, but Mai-san's cooking was really good.

Mai: Thank you very much.

Mikoto (or is it midori?): I'm so happy...

Mai: Don't you have something to say, Tate?

Tate; (Mumble)

Mai: What did you say? I can't hear you.

Tate: (grumble) It was tasty! It was very delicious!

Mai: (giggle) Good.

Shizuru: Ara, so everyone has eaten already?

Reito: We have Shizuru-san's portion here. It was really delicious.

Shizuru: I see, but I don't think I can eat yet (badly translated)

Mai: What's wrong?

Shizuru: Well you see, Natsuki's fever seems to have gone up a bit again.

Mai: Oh boy...

(strange flash forward sounds to Natsuki's room)

Midori: Natsuki-chan, how do you feel?

Natsuki: (mumble cough)

(sound of thermometer beeping)

Mai: The fever has definitely gone up. And the fever medicine?

Shizuru: She took some a bit earlier.

Mai: I see. Then I suppose all we can do is cool down her forehead.

Midori: Hm, this is pretty bad. If this keeps up the exam tomorrow is impossible.

Mikoto: Hey Mai, is Natsuki going to die?

Natsuki: (annoyed) Whose going to die?! (Cough)

Shizuru: (emotional) Natsuki! Hang in there!

Midori: Okay, this is our last resort. Mai-chan, in the ingredients you had, did you have a long piece of negi left over?

Mai: Yeah but what are you going to do with it?

Natsuki: (filled with dread) Did you say negi?

Midori: .... (like hell I'm going to translate what Sentai woman is rambling about... from what I can hear it's her about ranting about the old folk ways of medicine how sometimes people turn to them in desperation and how they sometimes work)

Natsuki: You can't possibly mean...

Midori: That's right! The folk cure involving negi that is supposed to cure/lower fevers.

Tate: Nousho? (folk cure?)

Reito: Hm, you don't know what it is? I'll tell you (whisper whisper)

Tate: (shocked) hehe? The butt hole?

Natsuki: (panics) Shizuru! Make them stop!

Shizuru: Hm... I see, so there was a method like that. If it's for Natsuki's sake, I'll do it by my hands.

Midori: Miko-chin, bring the negi!

Mikoto: Hm.

Midori: All men are to leave

Reito: (happy) Bye Natsuki-san, take care!

Tate: Good luck Kuga!

Natsuki: Mai, I'm begging you. Save me!

Mai: Um... well... But if your fever goes down, it's all worth it right? Your health is important

Natsuki: But... (or "You gotta be..."

Mikoto: Midori! I brought the thickest one!


Midori: Well then, prepare yourself Kuga Natsuki-kun.

Natsuki: Stop... Please stop!

(Midori evil laughing and Natsuki crying out in panic)

Shizuru: kusu (snicker)

And thus, started a tradition of Mai-Hime fanart where Natsuki freaks out at green onions.
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Track #3 Translations

Narrator/ Homura Nagi: (don’t care much for the beginning. Just a recap of what happens to Natsuki’s collection and all. The most interesting bit is Nagi’s personal comment on the collection)

Natsuki-chan… Collecting lingerie is fine and all. But shouldn’t you find someone to show the lingerie off too first?

Mai: TV drama, Mai Hime. Fuuka Gakuen stories number 2. Lingerie Rhapsody

Sound of feet walking on pavement.

Natsuki: We’re here. (Terse, almost edging on annoyed)

Mai: Wow… What a cute shop. So there is a place like this.

Mikoto: Hey Mai. What can we eat here?

Mai: No, this is a shop that sells lingerie.

Mikoto: Oh you mean like that bra thing.

(Mai gasps)

Mai: Mikoto~! You’re too cheerful…

Mikoto: Mai~! I want to try on a bra too.

Mai: Okay, okay. Chiie and the others said to get you one too. A girl over 13 who doesn’t wear a bra is pretty bad they said. And Kuga has to get some too.

Natsuki: (exasperated) Really. I’m a serious buyer who goes to this place a lot. It has good imported stuff too. I feel that showing you this place is enough for you guys.

Mai: (Surprise) Prejudice. That bra I had was really expensive!

Natsuki: Really?

Mai: Really. It was my size and the style and color was pretty unlike someone else’s…

Natsuki: Shut up… Let’s go in.

(sound of door opening and sound of twinkling)

Mikoto: Wow Mai… It’s like a flower shop.

Mai: … It looks so expensive…

Shizuru: Welcome.

Natsuki: (surprise) Shizuru?!

Mai: Ms. President?

Shizuru: My, my. What pretty customers!

(damn you Shizuru and your sexy but incomprehensible Kyoto-ben!!! I can’t translate or understand what you’re saying sometimes!!! WAHH!!!)

Natsuki: (baffled) Why are you here Shizuru? Where’s the manager?

Shizuru: The manager had to go out for a bit, so I was asked to look after the store since I know my stuff.

Mai: Kuga and Ms. President know each other well?

Natsuki: Yeah.

Mai: Ah… That’s unexpected.

Shizuru: (clears throat) So what are you looking for today?

Natsuki: Oh, we’re looking for a bra for her (refers to Mai)

Shizuru: (disappointed) Oh I see… You’re not buying any Natsuki?

Natsuki: (nervous) Um, no! I’m okay! I’m not buying anything today.

Mai: What’s wrong Kuga? I thought you were going to…

Natsuki: (forceful) I said I’m all right for today.

Shizuru: (still disappointed) I see… Okay Tokiha-san, excuse me for a moment.

(Mai gasps… with pleasure or surprise I’m not sure…)

Shizuru: (continues) Hm… An E or an F around… This bra you’re wearing right now seems a bit too tight for you.

Mikoto: Mai… (sounds a bit distressed)

Natsuki: (says under her breath) I knew it…

Mikoto: huh?

Natsuki: Shizuru is… um… skilled. Really skilled.

Mikoto: At what?

Natsuki: You don’t need to know.

(This being said as we hear Mai gasping in the background)

(Mai breathes heavily)

Shizuru: You have such nice large well developed breasts, so you’ve got to take care of them. Right Natsuki?
(not sure exactly if I translated this right…)

Natsuki: Um… well… Yeah

Mikoto: (concerned) Mai? You’re red…

Mai: (out of breath)… It was… a bit… overwhelming…

Shizuru: Tokiha-san

Mai: (Timid) Yes?

Shizuru: Do you have a preference?

Mai: Um…well…

(sound of Shizuru walking)

Shizuru: Hm… A elegant white seems to suit you best. (Sounds of rustling) This hawaii blue suits you too (Shizuru is enjoying this a wee bit too much). Oh and this imported one is expensive but it’s big and will uphold your bust.

Mai: (sounds impressed)

Shizuru: Okay, let’s try this on you…

Mai: (snaps out of it) What? Ah… Don’t! I’ll put it on myself!

Shizuru: It’s all right. You don’t have to worry a thing with me around Tokiha-san (slight giggle).

Mai: (Sounds less than impressed… downright distressed in fact) Ms. President (Stuttering) Don’t pull please!… NOOOO!!!!

(Change curtain closing)

Mikoto: (quiet but very concerned voice… Sounds kind of traumatized actually) Mai…

Mai starts gasping (… sounds like sex almost)

Shizuru: My what smooth skin! (Goes to a more quieter voice) A beautiful pink color too.

Mai: (distressed) Ms. President! You can’t!

Mikoto: (snaps out of trauma and goes on defend Mai mode) Mai… Wait for me, I’m coming to save you.

Natsuki: You don’t have save her. She’s not in pain…

Mikoto: But…

Natsuki: How do I put this… She’s actually, um, enjoying it?

Mikoto: Huh?!

(Background has Mai gasping)

Shizuru: Tokiha-san …. (couldn’t translate what the heck Shizuru is saying because of her blasted accent)

Mai ends this with a explosive shout.

A little while latter.

Mikoto (Sounds very concerned) Mai?

(Change curtain opening and Mai wanders out)

Mai: I can’t… take anymore. (Sound of her collapsing)

Shizuru: It fits great doesn’t it? Now it can’ show off the form of your breasts. Don’t you agree Natsuki?

Natsuki: (“why is she asking me?” sort of tone of voice) Um… yeah… Like always it sounds more suspicious than it should be… (badly translated line)

Shizuru: Good… Ah, it reminds me of the time when Natsuki came here to buy her own lingerie and I helped her… At that time Natsuki (Shizuru is off in fantasy land by the tone of her voice)

Natsuki: (embarrassed) Wha~! Stop it Shizuru! That’s in the past!

Shizuru: Oh very well… Right, next is Mikoto-chan.

Mikoto: (reluctant… really reluctant) Um… I, uh…

Natsuki: Um, I’ll… be helping her. Besides she only needs a sports bra…

Shizuru: What are you talking about? If she wears a good bra now, her breasts will become quite nice.

Natsuki: (Desperately trying to spare Mikoto) It’s still too early for her. Right Mikoto?!

Mikoto: (Agrees vigorously) Yes~!

Mai: (sounds dead) Urg…

Mikoto: (traumatized) Mai… (defiant and afraid) I don’t need a bra ever.

Natsuki: Are you sure?

Mikoto: Yes… Mai, I never thought a bra as something so evil.

Mai: (Incomprehensible) um… mumble mumble.
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I dont quiet get it... what is this?
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Originally Posted by PCDK
I dont quiet get it... what is this?
Translations for the Mai HiME Drama CDs, obviously.

Good stuff.
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Originally Posted by Befgrek
Translations for the Mai HiME Drama CDs, obviously.

Good stuff.
And what is that? why is there a Drama disk?
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Originally Posted by PCDK
And what is that? why is there a Drama disk?
Drama CDs usually are about side-stories happen before/between/after the series itself & most animes have their own drama CDs.It's like episodes of anime without animation/graphics.

If i'm not mistaken, there are two Mai-HiME drama CDs
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Old 2005-12-19, 12:06   Link #7
bike mechanic onna
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Originally Posted by sei
Drama CDs usually are about side-stories happen before/between/after the series itself & most animes have their own drama CDs.It's like episodes of anime without animation/graphics.

If i'm not mistaken, there are two Mai-HiME drama CDs

Yup! That's correct....these dramas were first broadcast on the Hime radio show that Chiba Saeko (Natsuki), Nakahara Mai (Mai) and Shimizu Ai (Mikoto) used to host.

There will most likely be drama CDs for the latest series since the seiyuu who respectively play Arika and Nina. host their own show as well....they also broadcast dramas.

--Lone Wolf
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Is this something you can get somewhere?
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Originally Posted by PCDK
Is this something you can get somewhere?
Yes. You can purchase it online in various places like: (actually they're pretty least for turnaround time)

*They may still have it at Kinokuniya Bookstore if you live close to one. You may have to order it of course if it's not in stock.

--Lone Wolf
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Originally Posted by lone_wolf
Yes. You can purchase it online in various places like: (actually they're pretty least for turnaround time)

*They may still have it at Kinokuniya Bookstore if you live close to one. You may have to order it of course if it's not in stock.

--Lone Wolf
Thanks Lone Wolf...

But unfortunately i live in Denmark, so it might be a little hard to find the store you talk about.
And i don't really understand any Japaneese, i was just curious.

But thanks anyway!
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PCDK, if you want to get a slightly better feel for the MH Drama CDs I did a crappy review/summary of them here (vol 1) and here (vol 2). Definitely no translations like the ones posted but it might wet your whistle enough to actually buy the CDs
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hehe i like your site moyism :P i got the Mai-Otome Trailer from there
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Found a couple more of Nagumo's translations.

Spoiler for CD 1, episode 4 (track 5):

Spoiler for CD1, episode 5 (track 6):
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Originally Posted by roon
Found a couple more of Nagumo's translations.
Thank you very much!! I need that
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Do anyone have the translation of this Drama cd "Hitsoroku! "Ura" Fuuka Gakuen-shi" vol.1 Track 10, the title is EX話(ボーナストラック)?
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Send a message via MSN to Jeffry2009 Send a message via Yahoo to Jeffry2009
i got both MH & MO drama cds in my collection so i used to listen all the time to feel the seiyuu's voice in my head.((???)) (great, what am i saying?)
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People does anyona have a translation for this?

I'm dyinf to know what are Nagi and Shizuru saying, especially Shizuru =P
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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
People does anyona have a translation for this?

I'm dyinf to know what are Nagi and Shizuru saying, especially Shizuru =P
The translation (by Nagumo, I think) is in an old thread:
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Originally Posted by Efreeta View Post
The translation (by Nagumo, I think) is in an old thread:
I think it is the right one, thank you alot
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One more qustion. Does anyone know where I could download drama CD and radio one.I f you can't post links here theb please send them to me, thanks.
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