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Old 2004-12-21, 19:48   Link #5261
Join Date: Nov 2003
Tommy: haha, I like this ava. cute pic and the snow effect rocks. 10/10
Anko Plushy: Awww, is it fanart based? 9/10
Guuchan: yes! I love Guu! I just wish there was a border or something to make the avatar looks more "finished".
JojosStar: Aww...the dark looking character is cool. I just wish I could see more of the face. 9/10
Raikage: Hm..the expression is priceless. the santa hat could be better, but oh well. it fits the holiday mood. 8.5/10
Joestoppable: I don't know...not sure about the crying looping.
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Old 2004-12-21, 21:50   Link #5262
Join Date: Nov 2003
Age: 30
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Azulet how... how could you! she is but four!... kinky.

well. as much as i like this avatar, the colors seem to bleached, and non-vibrant.

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Old 2004-12-22, 01:30   Link #5263
Cirque Dame's Jonin
Join Date: Sep 2004

Don't know who she is, but I've never seen a circular avatar before (or don't remember seeing one), so I'll give you points for being innovative. Kinda cute too.
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Old 2004-12-22, 01:42   Link #5264
Unlimited Blade Works...
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: South Florida
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Bflip i give u a 8/10 because that was one kick ass fight scene u captured

My Current Animes: Welcome to the NHK, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Coyote Ragtime Show, Bokura Ga Ita, .hack//roots
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Old 2004-12-22, 02:19   Link #5265
Lucy's "Play Thing"
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Canada
Age: 31
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9/10, Just because.
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Old 2004-12-22, 02:32   Link #5266
Lady Yanami
There's always a catch...
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Coven Hollow
Age: 41
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BFLIP, I give that a 9/10
That is an awesome scene to have animated. That's cool.

Hobobaggins, I give it 8/10. Nice color and it's pretty. I like that's it's round and not square like most ppls (including mine ^^)
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Old 2004-12-22, 03:06   Link #5267
Join Date: Nov 2003
Originally Posted by hobobaggins
Azulet how... how could you! she is but four!... kinky.
What the... Hell? Guu is 10 not 4! How couldn't you know?

Bflip : there is no loop in this avatar. But at least, there's a border. 6.5/10.
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Old 2004-12-22, 03:34   Link #5268
Mr. Prince
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Age: 35
Bflip- cool scene but it doesnt loop 8/10

Firestrife -7/10 because It doesnt loop and I don't ever watch gundam so I have no clue whats going on.
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Old 2004-12-22, 06:30   Link #5269
Magical Boy
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Hiding... don't try to find me.
Age: 15
^ kinda makes me puke 5\10
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Old 2004-12-22, 09:58   Link #5270
Beware of the Red
Join Date: Apr 2004
Age: 32
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Shiryuu - I'd give it 8.7/10 simple because the little skip that you notice with the fire....
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Old 2004-12-22, 13:11   Link #5271
Join Date: Nov 2003
RedEyes: clean up the border and text a bit more. otherwise nice image selection. 8/10
Shiryuu: I love it. the fire, the hair, it's a good loop. 10/10
Lady Yanami: rainbow border...interesting. can't really read the text though. 8.5/10
Reaver4k: funny caption. but the image is too blurred.
Firestrife: robot action! loop a bit messy though
hobobaggins: I've seen this ava many times. I still think the border could be cleaner. and if you've seen Guu, you'll understand meaning of my "angelic/devilish" caption.

more comments for my avatar please. thanks!
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Old 2004-12-22, 16:30   Link #5272
Don Roberto
President of Euroslavia
Join Date: May 2004
Location: By My Weapons Cache
Reaver4k: Good focus on Lucy, however it is wuite blurred.
Shiryuu: Nice effect, and cool character. The slight jump doesn't really bother me.
Lady Yanami: Nice picture back ground and border. But I just can't stand avatars with text in it, espcially if the text is your username (too redundant).

Here's an Orochimaru avatar I just made.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Last edited by Don Roberto; 2004-12-22 at 17:25.
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Old 2004-12-22, 17:10   Link #5273
Join Date: Oct 2004
Age: 28

Not the best of scenes to choose from, the two soldiers in the background are just motionless while their comrades are being splattered; border is a bit too dark as well.

Nice job making it loop though. 6/10

I think you should post the Orochimaru one you just made, I am eager to see how good the ratings will be for that masterpiece.


10/10 for the first version. I like the little jump in the loop.

9.5/10 for the second for reasons which should be obvious.

Last edited by Robocop; 2004-12-22 at 17:28.
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Old 2004-12-23, 07:36   Link #5274
Magical Boy
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Hiding... don't try to find me.
Age: 15
Azulet: 9\10 Guu is awesome, but it would be better if it was the normal Guu.
Don: 6\10 Can't really see anything except Lucy and the blood that spurts out. BTW, I like v1 better.
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Old 2004-12-23, 18:43   Link #5275
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Charleston, SC
Age: 28
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Don: 6/10 The scene is isn't captured very well, Lucy just stands still for a second, turns, and there's blood. It's kind of hard to see too.
P.S: I like v2 more, it's smoother and there isn't a stutter in the animation like in v1, even though that could've been on purpose but I don't like it.

Shiryuu: 8/10 Nice loop, but it's choppy in some places.
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Old 2004-12-24, 12:54   Link #5276
Evangelist of the Kazoo
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: AnimeSuki Forums
Well, it looks like it's finally time for me to don my usual Christmas avatar!

snoopy007 - 8.5/10 - It's good but... there's not enough Snoopy!

Shiryuu - 6/10 - Irregular dimensions and awkward looping.

Don Roberto - 8/10 - Excellent animation, but I don't really like the "fade" effect that seems to happen when it loops.

Azulet - 7.5/10 - Kawaiiiiii! Colors are way too faded for my tastes, though.

Tommy - 7/10 - That is simply disturbing.
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Old 2004-12-24, 19:15   Link #5277
Lord Chairman God King
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Do you really give a damn?
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hobbs: Horray for Chiyo Dad! Overall: 88%

As for me, I have a new avatar from a free icon site. Mini Moose pwns!

:Suddenly bursts out in song:

Bow Down.

Bow Down.

Before the power of Santa

or be crushed

be crushed


his Jolly Boots of Doom!
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Old 2004-12-25, 04:43   Link #5278
now with 20% more ego!
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Singapore
Age: 27
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Razer_2mb - Nice image but the avatar itselfs reeks of 'instant'. 3/10

boneyjellyfish - Looks like a boney-jellyfish wearing a Santa hat, ew. 6/10

snoopy007 - Nice colour theme, good pic and nice effects. 7/10

Don Roberto - The technical aspects of your avatar are great, the problem lies in the scene itself. I understand what you're trying to capture, the contrast between the peace and clam which makes up the majority of the avatar itself and the quick and sudden death of her vitims, but it isn't working out as well as you proberbly think it would. 7/10
Originally Posted by Don Roberto
Here's an Orochimaru avatar I just made.

Version 1:

Version 2:
The zoom-in/out effects are really cool, I prefer version #2.

Version 1 - 8/10

Version 2 - 9.5/10

Last edited by Inuzuka; 2004-12-30 at 01:20.
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Old 2004-12-26, 01:03   Link #5279
lost in wonder forever...
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: edge of my dream in the land of twilight...ZzzZzZ
Inuzuka 7/10 - Hmm, looks a bit hentai-ish.

Razer_2mb 8/10 - (0.o) What is that? It looks clowny and funny.

snoopy007 8/10 - Same grade as the one I gave you for your sig.

Shiryuu 6/10 - Looks a bit blurry and jagged at the ends. The colors don't look good.

Don Roberto 7/10 - Maybe it just me but it plays really fast in the beginning and slows down near the end making look really odd.

Azulet 8/10 - Aww its, cute and simple which is good.

Thany 8/10 - I like it better than your sig.
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Old 2004-12-28, 12:30   Link #5280
Join Date: Nov 2003
Wandering_Youth : wow! Nice background
Also the characters looks cute The border choice seems good too. 9/10.

Don Roberto : both these avatars give me headhaches :/ 6/10.

Razer_2mb : lol funny... and somewhat cute too ^_^
But it would look sooo much better if you used transparency 8/10.

New avatar here
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Closed Thread

avatars, rate

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