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Old 2006-01-27, 04:50   Link #1
Join Date: Mar 2004

I don't know if the idea has floated around, it's been done or it's going to be done, but I would love to see this site give out awards for top anime and such. I'd love to see what wins top anime of 2005 or 2006 or best OST and etc.
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Old 2006-01-27, 05:37   Link #2
Just call me Ojisan
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Originally Posted by Jolaloye
I don't know if the idea has floated around, it's been done or it's going to be done, but I would love to see this site give out awards for top anime and such. I'd love to see what wins top anime of 2005 or 2006 or best OST and etc.
Yes, it has been suggested. Searching for "awards" would have found this thread for example. Does anime-suki have end of year awards?

Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
There are no AnimeSuki awards, no matter how amusing the concept might be.

The closest that we are going to come to this concept is a simple UN-official poll for the Best New Anime of 2004
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Old 2006-01-27, 12:46   Link #3
cho~ kakkoii
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We also had this, The best and worst of 2004 thread where Sin nominated/rewarded himself to be the best member of that year. Also, NoSanninWa-san was recently awarded for this post in the Worst Anime of 2005 thread for attracting more attention to those shows NoSanninWa-san thought to be the worst of 2005 (i.e Amaenaideyo) thanks to the wordings.

The year end awards are there, just that, there is no specific threads for those award ceremonies and that, the awardings are sponatneous anamolies.
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Old 2007-02-22, 16:36   Link #4
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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Animesuki Awards - Why Not?

I was leafing through a UK games magazine, when I saw they had organized their own game awards as voted by their readers. It proved to be an interesting read and I wondered why Animesuki did not organize its own awards.
Lo and behold, there were suggestions put forward for such organized awards, which had then been quickly shot down.

I say, why not?

I personally think it's a great idea to hold these awards annually, so the members of Animesuki can vote for their favorites in each category, for instance:

-Best Anime OP/ED/OST.etc (What OP made you smile? Which ED was so beautiful it made you melt?)

-Best Male/Female Protagonist (For all the Hardcore Fanboys/Fangirls and the normal people )

-Best Antagonist (Which bad-guy sent a shiver down your spine?)

-The coveted Animesuki Anime of the Year (The most well-recieved anime)

-Most Anticipated Anime (For upcoming anime that will be aired)

-Best Supporting Character (They aren't quite an Ichigo, but they're Bankai will still blow your head off )

And so on...

(The Magazine also posted with each Award the most interesting 3 posts that support the choice)

It would also make it much easier for people to look for reccomendations and suggestions.

The problem with the current Posts proclaiming "vote for your favorite!!!111" is that they are largely biased and heavily influenced by whoever makes the post.

The next problem is people voting for their favorite animes, "WTH are you talking about?" you must be thinking, well what I mean is when people have a favorite anime, despite having an ED song that makes them violently sick, they will still vote for it in that category. (What we've got here is failure to communicate with fanboys, Some people you just can't reach )

No doubt the notion of awards will be quickly dismissed, never mind how much potential and popularity the idea could have...
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Old 2007-02-22, 17:16   Link #5
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Don't we have nuff' threads for that already
Yeah the way things are organised I don't see things as official either, not even banner contests, mostly just some sort of improvise, but well that's all we got so there's no helping it.
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Old 2007-02-22, 19:08   Link #6
Daniel E.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Monterrey N.L. Mexico
I dont like "worst" awards threads.

If you label an anime with many followers as the worst of any year, many people will jump at you saying how clueless you are about anime and how they are much better anime fans than you. (happened to me once)

Those threads seem to bring the "worst" in many people.
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Old 2007-02-23, 07:20   Link #7
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: England
Age: 29
I do see a danger of it turning into a flame war, but thats true for expressing your opinion anywhere on the forum.

Its a shame though, this year we might as well call it the Death Note Awards

(Oh and thnx to whoever added my post to a one sentence post that has been dead for a year, cheers.
If you would have read my post you would have seen I have read this post and instead of reviving it I chose to make a new one expressing my own opinion, rather than post in a brief post where the user failed to elaborate at all.)
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Old 2007-02-23, 17:54   Link #8
Μ ε r c r υ
Join Date: Jun 2004
I have a *practical* suggestion on that.

The easiest solution would be using a two-step process in determining the winners. First, the mods can nominate the related shows, anime series or manga series. Then, the regular posters can enter the selection process to determine the final winner.

Specifically, similar to the academy awards, the first selection process might necessitate mods and a few selected members by the mods (based on their knowledge as observed by the mods) to determine the nominees. (since they are the governing body here as Animesuki, I guess, no one can object). Then the posters can decide on the winners to be selected from the nominees pool during the second selection process.

I think, this way, the awarding process would be controlled and credible. Just like the oscars, the number of categories can later be extended if necessary after the awarding idea gains ground.

I think it is worth to give a try.
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Old 2007-02-24, 23:01   Link #9
♪♫ Maya Iincho ♩♬
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I personally don't think awards are needed at all. Discussion and debates can be used within the threads specified for them. Threads like these are usually a center point for flames and large scaled debates that leads to flaming. We can all sit here and judge them professionally but people have their own personal taste.

Even if I were to judge some thing in a professional manner, my personal interest and my own view of that item makes me judge it differently.

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Old 2007-03-09, 00:16   Link #10
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Far too much of a hassle, leading to too much flaming, ending with too much controversy
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Old 2007-03-09, 05:46   Link #11
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Anime-Reactor is already doing a fine job with fan-organized nominating, voting and awards. They also attract a lot of attention, not just from their members but from all around. They are wrapping up ARC Awards 2006 right about now.
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