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Can someone make a novel cover for me for free?

Long story short , Im really into light novels and recently have decided to do a mini self project for the summer, it has always been a life goal of mine to write my own short novel. Since my drawing skills and editing skills suck and i am shamelesse LOL i decided to ask the people through the world to help me create a badass cover im pretty sure most ofyou are looking at this post and thinking that im crazy LOl , hey if you do i don't blame you i thought it was a crazy idea myself .But, If you are interested here are the details.

Overall i kinda want it to look like this
where the character are back to back and please do not make it really big just big enough to fit like a manga cover like shakugan no shana/sword art

The Guy
Strong body build wheres a black v neck and has hair similar but yet different to this
and is holding a normal katana but, with white flames surrounding it.
and facials have to have a serious look but serious at the same time (if you know what i an saying haha)

The girl
Overall i kinda want't something like shakugan no shana
adorable but, yet deadly at the same time.
The hair should be what i call moonlight hair it should reflect the colour of the moonlight sky
and the eyes as well. In terms of height tall but not so tall. Also she should be wielding a sword across her shoulder. The sword it self should look like a normal katana but colour should be like this and you can throw in anything that you think will make it look good. Thank that's all!

I Know i am asking for A lot and i am being really really selfish and i know this is not the best place to ask for this also i can't offer anything to you to but my gratitude and a place in my heart . If you have some free time and is willing to a help a me, If you don't its fine. i really appreciate it and it will make me more motivated to work on it! P.S if you need more details please leave questions in the response thanks!
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