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Old 2013-03-31, 13:08   Link #861
Defying gravity
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So...did Ai win by default due to the accidental blood stamp of Eita? In the end, I think Chiwa stood out the most as to how strong her love of Eita was and how she wanted it to be more than just that childhood friend before and after the Mazusu confession. Clearly, Eita chose Mazusu, but this is me hoping that, somewhere, Eita would see her as a girl.
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Old 2013-03-31, 18:58   Link #862
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Of the shows I've watched this past season, I found this to surprisingly be one of the better ones.
* Instead of randomly showing up, the heroines have a legitimate connection to Eita: Chiwa and Ai are childhood friends, Hime is attracted to him for his chuuni, and Masuzu is using him.
* Chiwa: her accident was Eita's motivation to become a doctor, and she gets frustrated as all the others begin showing up and overshadowing her, despite she having arguably the closest connection to him. She's more sympathetic than whiny though and seeing her stand up to Masuzu at the end made it all worth it.
* Masuzu: a total bitch, was faking things for so long she doesn't even know what her true feelings are, seemed like she was messing around with the other girls because she's jealous they're real. Oddly enough, not hateable, and her club really did improve the self confidence of the other girls.
* Ai: the other childhood friend, the one with the marriage promise. I would have considered her a generic tsundere, had she not opened herself up to letting the other girls screw with her through the imaginary Michel. Best reactions in the show. Also got more attention despite being introduced later than Hime.
* Hime: her role seems quite a bit less than the other heroines'. The only thing I remember her doing was standing up to Mana.
* Eita: not a bad character at all. He was aware of his status with all the girls, and even if his strategy of trying to avoid hurting any of them is doomed to eventual failure, it's more that he's a nice guy than clueless or indecisive (he actually chose to go with Masuzu at the end!). He doesn't seem to mind being Masuzu's [fake] boyfriend at all, even if he was blackmailed into it.
* Eita's diary (as well as Hime's delusions and Ai's diary) is painfully embarrassing to hear. Whenever Masuzu read from the damn thing I tried to tune out.
* What the hell! They ended the show with Chiwa and Masuza confronting each other and Eita about to scream? Still, considering that Eita was willing to go with Masuzu, that's lot farther than other series tend to go even if he has no success trying to dump the others.

Score: 8/10. For a show with a long title, this turned out better than I expected. I wouldn't mind a second season.
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Old 2013-03-31, 19:37   Link #863
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Originally Posted by Lord of Fire View Post
Did she, though, when all the other competitors aren't backing down one inch and have pretty much raised the stakes?
The problem in these situations is not whether the girls are still interested in the guy, but which girl the guy is interested in.

And in this regard, Eita not only did a love confession to Masuzu, publicly declared that she was his girlfriend, but he also kissed Masuzu on his own accord.

Oh yeah, in terms of light novels, the title pretty much tells you who's gonna 'win' with near perfect accuracy.

Of course, there's counter-arguements for these. For one, the title does not specifically name the characters, whereas the 'near perfect' accuracies of titles are titles where the character is named in it. Also, the title says "My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend", so one can say the other two girls are still in the running because one of them is the other half of the titular characters.

Another arguement is that all what Eita did towards Masuzu in the final episode is merely just him acting all over again. That his blushed face towards Chiwa is something unique in comparison to the other girls, and that maybe Eita would've done something more with him starting to grip Chiwa's waist, if Masuzu didn't interrupt.

But to be honest? Even as THE osananajimi shipper, these counter arguments needs you to take an extra assumption. That the title must have the character's actual name in it; that you assume where they say 'girlfriend' in the title they mean 'fake' as well; and most importantly, that you assume that Eita was merely just faking everything with Masuzu. And with the razor existing, it just doesn't hold up with Masuzu's side of the debate.

But of course, there's always fan shipping. Ai > all.

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Old 2013-03-31, 23:42   Link #864
Jin Kizuite
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This is the best damn harem they I've seen in recent memory.

For me they have hit all the good checklist points and above all a loveable main protagonist. Quite a few "big hit romance" anime definitely don't have this in spades (looking at you Kodaka) so it's very refreshing to actually be able sit down and enjoy the ride.

I haven't found anything I could nitpick about looking back but this might be because I'm still in 'happy land mode' from finishing the last episode which was beautiful in so many ways. Still I will be rating this as one of my most favourite on my anime list and I wish this season had much more public attention since I feel it deserves it so.

P.S: That last scene with Chiwa my Final Fantasy 7 flags were screaming with that music. Can someone help link me to the name in the OST? Lastly I'm quite sad that the light novel translation scene is pretty much dead so I'm eagerly awaiting the manga continuation.
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Old 2013-04-01, 07:04   Link #865
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well look eita you’re enlisted to harem battlefield you got 4 targets that will get ya good luck you’re going to need it.

give main still is troll-suzu vs chiwa.
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Old 2013-04-03, 12:11   Link #866
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Interesting series, it has the cliche for each kind of character but even the MC Eita delivered some balls instead of running like your average harem lead.

Stil, I can't see the other girls giving up if Eita chooses one, so this path will painted with love and blood.

If these two last episodes were supposed to make me like Masuzu, then it failed horribly.
Indeed, I was like ----> 6(ó_o?

Now, going to the serious stuf...

How much Hime's time got cut from the novels? I feel like there was some rushing and abrupted switch from her scenes, even Ai got more focuss despite being the last one being introduced(as expected from Kayano Ai's awesome perfomance).

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Old 2013-04-04, 00:29   Link #867
Gintoki fan
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It was a pretty good harem, I really liked Eita he was a different type of a harem male lead, he wasn't clueless like some are and knew what to do. The girls in this show are too crazy for there Eita's own good, he tried to explain to them the situation without trying to hurt them but they ended up loving him even more??? Poor Eita.

I liked Ai the best, hey at least she still thinks she has a chance and think shes got that happy endingXD It'd be great if we had a second season but..
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Old 2013-04-13, 04:54   Link #868
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Finished the series last week.. pretty interesting characters particulary the MC and Chiwa.... I'm with Chiwa all the way,,,, the other girls are meh for me....

Again.. like the usual harem.. we got another stupid MC.... and a typical open harem end....

8/10 overall for Chiwa and the crazy notebook...
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Old 2013-04-17, 11:55   Link #869
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Man Chiwa is super annoying, I hate character archetypes like her.

Ai is super cute. I hope we get a season 2, if not, I'd love if more of the novels got translated
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Old 2013-04-18, 05:49   Link #870
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To me Chiwa was one of the best characters in the series, it's just a matter of opinion.
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Old 2013-05-02, 10:28   Link #871
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Damn, Kantoku's art
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Old 2013-05-02, 20:31   Link #872
sky black swordman
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Originally Posted by bastek66 View Post
Damn, Kantoku's art
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
Nice angle!
Ai-chan, I would love to have her as a my bride!
*grabs Ai-chan, and runs of with her *
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Old 2013-05-08, 05:07   Link #873
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Originally Posted by bastek66 View Post
Damn, Kantoku's art
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One of my favourite characters is smiling as she gets into that position... my girl!
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Old 2013-05-14, 08:24   Link #874
II Maestro
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Originally Posted by bastek66 View Post
Damn, Kantoku's art
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
Ai-chan wins! Yay!
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Old 2013-05-17, 08:28   Link #875
Yami no Ou
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Ai-chan FTW,banzai Ai shippers!
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Old 2013-12-06, 02:18   Link #876
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Originally Posted by Yami no Ou View Post
Ai-chan FTW,banzai Ai shippers!
Aia or Masuzu, the rest tend to be annoying IMO
Friendship and Rivalry. These two have it
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