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Mob Kousei no Ore Demo Boukensha ni Nareba Riajuu ni Naremasuka?

モブ高生の俺でも冒険者になればリア充になれますか? (Mob Kousei no Ore Demo Boukensha ni Nareba Riajuu ni Naremasuka?)
Translation: Can Even a Mob Highschooler Like Me Be a Normie If I Become an Adventurer?
Author: Hyakkin (百均)

Dungeons, and along with them monsters and related disasters, started appearing in the modern world decades ago. With this brought many changes, the biggest one being adventurers and the monster cards they use to summon summons to fight and conquer dungeons with.

Kitagawa Utamaro, or just Maro, is a mob highschooler who becomes an adventurer due to being incited by a former friend of his having sudden social success among their peers simply by becoming an adventurer himself.
However, things aren't quite as easy for Maro. Just becoming an adventurer in name only isn't enough for him to gain his spotlight, giving him no recourse but to actually tackle dungeons with the peculiar and not very versatile monster cards that he barely manages to scrape up.
Spoiler for FAQ/Three Questions:

A series that I've been having fun with lately so I decided to make a thread for it.
The author, from what I gather, likes to write his volumes/parts ahead of time and them dump them daily style, like how Skeleton Knight and Mushoku Tensei did.
Thanks to this, the novel comes off as very light novel-esque (compared to web novel-esque), has exposition, a plot it follows, character development that isn't just a haircut, and lacks 'filler' chapters such as introducing the amazing wonders of baths and mayonnaise as it—so far anyway—generally sticks to its story. Has a fairly well-thought-out setting too.

That said, the author also just finished the first volume, and he wants to finish writing out the second before posting it. So no constant updates for the time being.
He did say he wanted to post some random short stories in between, though. Also said something about changing the title.

This has not been published (yet), the character artwork above is fanart by @yamada_yamada44 on Twitter of the protagonist's Zashiki-Warashi.
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wait are they ''monster girls'' or monster girls
"..This is my honest opinion, but I feel it is much easier to teach cows how to walk on their hind legs than to find rationality in humans."

favorite novel: Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
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Both. There's "monster girls" such as the zashiki-warashi, elves, and even a "witch" girl.
And then there's actual monster girls like zombies, vampires, empusa, imps.
There's also the mix, like an oni woman which really can go either way.
Cards can also be upgraded, so a card that isn't a monster girl can become one (with limitations), and one that is can become a "monster" girl too.

Should be noted that the majority of the cards are normal monsters, it's just there are also the blatantly more popular girl cards too.
Girl cards aren't particularly stronger but they have more value due to the general demand and rarity for them.
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Oh, this was the one you mentioned before

So are other people doing lewd things to their monster girls?
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dungeons, growth, harem, modern fantasy, monster girls

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