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View Poll Results: Sword Art Online: Alicization - Episode 22 Rating
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Old 2019-03-15, 15:50   Link #1
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Sword Art Online: Alicization - Episode 22 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Sword Art Online: Alicization, Episode 22.

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Old 2019-03-16, 14:05   Link #2
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Wow, that fight ended very quickly At least we got to see OG Kirito again in his Aincrad outfit.

Also wasn't expecting Charlotte to come back. What a good spider friend ;_;
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Old 2019-03-18, 08:40   Link #3
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Huh, a lot of these "epic" battles are finished up pretty quickly. I wish they were longer drawn out.
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Old 2019-03-21, 21:07   Link #4
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Originally Posted by BluePhirePB View Post
Huh, a lot of these "epic" battles are finished up pretty quickly. I wish they were longer drawn out.
They cut out some Alice solo with Chudelkin before he summon Fire elements. They're currently adapting the last 4 episodes from 1 volume and the pacing is suffering because the volume is packed with events. They're rushing to a certain conclusion in cour 2 finale, so if they don't rush now there won't be room to breathe in last 2 episodes.

In Chudelkin fight there should be some Kirito's inner character breakthrough, anime just have to cut it so it became a very bland scene:

Spoiler for more context of Chudelkin fight in LN:
The fact that you cry
The fact that you lose your temper
The fact that you get angry
The fact that you hate
The fact that you scream
The fact that you suffer
The fact that you mourn
The fact that you despair
Or the fact that you come to a resolution

Cannot prove that you are right.
~Everybody Has the Right to Make Mistakes~ - Quoted from Kino's Journey Vol. 12

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Old 2019-03-22, 22:50   Link #5
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Kirito becoming the Black Swordsman again for a brief moment to skewer Chudelking was a pretty awesome moment .

It was interesting actually getting more into Quinella's perspective through her dialogue with Kirito, as she justifies her actions as an attempt to exert meaning and control in her life rather then bow down to the whims of Rath and the purpose they forced upon her world. I'd almost kind of respect her for it if not for all the awful things she's done as a result .

It must be a pretty big shock for Eugeo and Alice to learn that Kirito isn't actually from their world but from the "outside," and that their entire world and civilization could be reset at the flick of a switch. If it wasn't for what was already going on in front of them I imagine that could be pretty horrifying .

Somehow it really doesn't surprise me that Quinella eventually planned to phase out the Integrity Knights for, basically, robots. And frankly I don't blame her. That Sword Golem was able to take our heroes out in five seconds, could you imagine an army of those at Quinella's command ?

I never thought I would feel so bad for a spider. I guess it also deepens the question of the value of an artificial life, especially when one that isn't even supposed to be as advanced as the AI of the Fluctlight's with their souls still makes the choice to sacrifice itself of it's own free will .

With Cardinal is in the fray it's finally final boss time .
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