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Old 2017-01-10, 21:12   Link #21
Key Board
Join Date: Nov 2003
This is ugly

There's no other words for it

It's not a matter of Studio Go Hands style.

It's a visual mess
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Old 2017-01-10, 22:06   Link #22
Nekokota Festival
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Well its a nice start a lot of unnecessary CG work well at less Koyori is cute

That girl is one big masochist
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Old 2017-01-11, 00:52   Link #23
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I don't get the hate. I thought it was pretty good, but I went in with low expectations because of everyone hating on it. The camera movement is a bit wonky and unnecessary but I didn't mind the visuals and CG even though I generally despise CG.
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Old 2017-01-11, 04:01   Link #24
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Spoiler for ep1:

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Old 2017-01-11, 06:49   Link #25
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Ugh, the first ep reminded of ep0 Shin Mazinger, only that show made me want more..

Too early to give a proper verdict, BGM was good, visuals was so-so but I do hope they tone down the fanservice, alot were completely unnecessary.
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Old 2017-01-11, 08:44   Link #26
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Visuals were weird, but by end I was used it already. Living mobs was actually even pretty neat. Story is generic and not really surprising in any way jet, though not offensive either at least.

If there is something I have actually problem it's heroine, I never understood charm of this kind love interests, if I wanted doormat I would buy one and leave it where it belongs. In front of doors. Having forty-fifty kilos one chained to me and act as 24/7 third wheel sounds more like nightmare than wet dream. Well there is still hope she was drugged due medication and actually have some personality so I will give it another episode or two.
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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Old 2017-01-11, 09:46   Link #27
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well looks like i'm one the fews who enjoyed the first episode, he was totally like "K" with weird camera angles, weird colors pallets, weird beginner but this time instead of "fujoshi bait" we get perv otaku bait anime(i'ts fair), lol that masochist girl was really creep, but really the "chain" fit on her "character"(being masochist), the guy was totally the skate guy from K, with same hair color same voice actor and same hotheaded.

the doctor really is suspect to being the "last boss", we already saw 2 handshakers the gears and chains, but also we spoted some others "future handshakers" and what is that thing about "having to hold her hands" no matter of what happen, this means which even to go to bathroom he must hold her hands??? this will be weird when he goes to "poop" or even her goes, so creep fetiches , let's wait for next episode.

Another thing which make feel something odd was the fact which the chain dude don't needed to keep holding her hand all the times, he could let off her hands while the mc can't.
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Old 2017-01-11, 10:04   Link #28
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Well these two were still connected through their chains. I would guess that's the reason.
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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Old 2017-01-11, 10:24   Link #29
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So...he can't let go of the female MC's hand till the freaking end of the show? gg I wonder what kind of drugs the staff was on this time.


First episode was more like Vagina Stompers rather than Hand Shakers lol
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Old 2017-01-11, 11:18   Link #30
Join Date: Apr 2016
This thing is so awful, doesn't deserve the 3 episode rule.
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Old 2017-01-11, 13:54   Link #31
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Before this show, I never had a problem with Go Hands' distinctive style, and I thought K came together rather well at the end of the second season, despite a messy, scattered start. Hand Shakers, however, is ugly in a way I never imagined was possible. The characters, background art and CG elements don't mesh (to borrow a word the main character loves using) at all, and there's something about the increased framerate and the overly smooth camera movements that reminds me of primitive digital anime from the late '90s and early '00s.

Story-wise, the fact that Tazuna and Koyori have to hold hands at all times reminds me of Double Arts, a Shonen Jump series by Naoshi Komi (of Nisekoi fame) that only ran for 3 volumes. I guess I'll have to watch the second episode just to see if they'll find a loophole, and whether they'll explain why Break and Bind don't seem to have the same limitation.
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Old 2017-01-12, 00:06   Link #32
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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I personally don't mind the CGI and the animation. I actually like how much movement there is all the time, since anime usually is a static background with maybe a handful of characters moving at a time (usually only one or two). Here, there were a couple of shots where it was a good portion of the student body walking around with clouds whizzing by, and I personally liked what I saw despite lots of CGI being used.

But the writing? Holy crap it's a mess. I'm looking at ANN, and it seems the director is also doing the writing. If this is true, man, he should just stick with the directing part and hire another person to do the story.

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Old 2017-01-12, 05:06   Link #33
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This was quite the visual treat, as expected of the masters at GoHands. Being the intro episode was expecting a big fight but it was more about Tazuna dodging/fending off attacks and finally compiling his own weapon (nimrod).

Plenty of potential for the story because a lot of the rivals are not strangers but acquaintances of the protagonist. And talking about protagonists Koyori is cute but she needs to talk more, much more. Can't have a blank slate heroine in character driven anime.
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Old 2017-01-12, 05:10   Link #34
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Was there any implication it was character driven? It looked to me like typical shine action instead to me.
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" (Charles R. Swindoll)
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Old 2017-01-12, 07:58   Link #35
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Originally Posted by Tenzen12 View Post
Was there any implication it was character driven? It looked to me like typical shine action instead to me.
Action for its own sake does better in live action, with humans doing to stunts instead of drawing them. And caring about the character means caring whether or not they survive going over that cliff. Anything without good ideas, plot or characters is going to be decent to mediocre at best.

Really liked the art style, but I have a bias against tarot cards and absurdly mobile breasts. The lead seems a nice chap, but the maniac scientist is rather old.
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Old 2017-01-16, 02:49   Link #36
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Probably just repeating what everyone else is saying, but holy eye rape. It's so bad that even the encoder can't keep up with all of the shit happening on the screen.

And that shit font and constant camera panning... good god, someone please fire and then shoot the person who thought those were good design decisions.
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Old 2017-01-17, 13:10   Link #37
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The first part of ep 2 felt a bit ridiculous and cheesy tbh. That explosion was uneccessary and the sense of danger is taken out for the most part considering the Chain guy lived after being directly stabbed and then going up in that lame explosion. Furthermore, that doctor is annoying. Yeah, it's self-aware and intentional, but still...

The camera motion calmed down tremendously this episode so that's a big plus. The OP is alright, I expected something cooler though. I like the ED for what's it worth.

Overall I liked this ep more than the first one solely because it's somewhat enjoyable when they don't focus on nonsensical battles. Going through your everyday life while holding hands with another person 24/7 is no joke so it was rather entertaining to see how they do things like go to the toilet or take a bath etc. One thing that bothers me here though is that apparently it's fine for them to break up the hand holding for a short moment. That is rather odd and I'd like to know what time limit there is or if it's just all by feeling like "yeah around 5 mins as long as you don't start feeling dizzy" or something like that...

New introduced characters at the end seem likable. Going by the PV they will have some kind of friendly rivalry with our main pair. Chizuru is really adorable so I'm looking forward to it. Also boomerangs are cool!
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Old 2017-01-17, 15:20   Link #38
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I suppose it was a given that they couldn't actually have them absolutely stuck together. Otherwise there would be no changing of tops in this show. Unless of course they literally created clothes that could be put on from the side...

Regardless...not much to say here. A few legitimate moments of showing their difficulties. Also showing both a bit of information, but also a frustrating lack of it. The MC basically gets nothing. Just that of course the girl here is extremely unusual and unlike all the others will actually die if their hand connection breaks for too long.

Does open up the frustrating question of how long is too long? A couple seconds is ok. How about a minute? How about 5 minutes? Not exactly something I'd expect the MC to test too much since...the whole dying thing.
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Old 2017-01-17, 15:52   Link #39
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This show still appears to me as pretty meh, nothing really interest me at the moment. Koyori is pretty much an emotionless doll so far until we find out more about her. I guess she's starting to learn a bit more about the world around her? The character chemistry between her and Masaru is pretty awkward imo.

Granted, the pacing slowed down a bit so I do expect action to pick up a bit and we got some info about Hand Shakers. Now, I'm getting used to the animation style compared to the first episode. Still pretty mediocre series at the moment and nothing to get excited about yet.
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Old 2017-01-17, 16:13   Link #40
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The show is pretty meh without the direction, camera antics and simultaneous animations of ep 1. Unlike many people and "reviewers", it's what was interesting enough for me to give it a chance. Without it, it's a bit generic for my liking so far, but I suppose I'll give it one more ep.
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