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Old 2012-09-20, 14:42   Link #101
U mad?
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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
One thing is certain though, after all that damage Taku and Chiyu's special gauges are probably getting very close to if not full and actually Chiyu's has probably been full for a while now since Nomi beat on her and didn't actually finish her off, which means the potential for Citron call is out there.
Agree, we can expect her to do something, otherwise she'd just be wasting digital space and screen time (for most of the arc). Not sure if Taku will do anything at this stage, Noumi got both his arms and his legs legs (not sure about legs), so we probably won't see him do anything until everything is solved.

Just thinking, do you regenerate health/limbs in UBF? If an enemy just left you without limbs and not finishing you off, you'd just lie on the ground the whole time, unless another player/enemy comes along and deals the killing blow (respawn in 1h)?
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Old 2012-09-22, 20:15   Link #102
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Maybe I could feel a little pity for Noumi's abused past, but he cannot rationalize his present actions based on his past to excuse him for what he has done to others who never crossed paths with him, and let alone hurt him.

Pretty much, the eager anticipation built up in the previous episode paid off with Black Lotus arriving on time to help Silver Crow and Cyan Pile.

It's just too much of a good cliffhanger to wait for the last episode, and I think I should immediately go right now to finish this show.
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Old 2014-05-04, 15:38   Link #103
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2014
Age: 24
hey i noticed recently that in the intro it says "lelouchthezero" now i love code geass so now im really excited, are these two linked anyhow pls pls answer im dying to know
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Old 2014-05-04, 18:46   Link #104
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...which intro said lelouchthezero?

well, both series are produced by the same company.
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Old 2014-05-04, 19:03   Link #105
Dr. Casey
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Nope, there's no sort of connection between Accel World and Code Geass. LelouchTheZero is the name of a fansub group, so he shows up in the credits as the translator. The only anime that Accel World has any sort of connection with is Sword Art Online.
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