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Old 2009-11-12, 23:45   Link #1641
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Finally got to finish it. The ending is pretty much left for the viewers to go and imagine what would have happened. Some think he and left other that they stay.
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Old 2010-03-19, 22:53   Link #1642
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anyone seen the BlueRay ver? did it look good or should stick to the dvd format for this series?
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Old 2012-04-23, 06:02   Link #1643
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I was introduced to this series through TVTropes. Well, to be more exact, I heard of this series back in 2007, but it flew underneath my radar and I didn't feel the need to watch it until I visited its TVTropes page.

I have to say I enjoyed it overall. The epic scale of the series and the battle scenes was quite impressive, especially since there's so many of them for a 26 episode series. While they aren't on the level of Macross DYRL's final battle, they're very well staged and decently animated for a TV series. I have a fondness for over the top action scenes and the series definitely does not disappoint in that regard. Sato Naoki's score also does an excellent job of evoking the larger-than life mythical quality of the series' story. The planets in this series are also quite lovely as well, especially Elysium and Age's home planet in the ending.

I do find Age a bit bland as a protagonist. He seems almost too cheerful and optimistic; I never get the sense that he ever has a moment of doubt or is challenged in any way, which makes him kind of hard to relate to. While I like Dhianeila more, I think it's a bit overboard how much the other characters praise her. She's a cool leader and all, but there's no need to gush over her every episode. This is one of the series where I ended up liking the supporting characters like the other Nodos more.

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