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Old 2018-04-13, 23:48   Link #161
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Originally Posted by Magewolf View Post
No. He is going to be the deadly, only spoken of in whispers by the bravest men, juggernaut of destruction platypus.
Or maybe something even more fearsome!
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Old 2018-04-14, 22:35   Link #162
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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
I'm surprised this show show could actually make me feel sorry for Yoko but it did. It's always impressed me how the mangaka has no qualms with downer endings and actually has a knack for writing them well.

Spoiler for another work from the same mangaka:

Which is weird considering how trashy the rest of his writing is. XP

Here's hoping for a Season 2.
Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
Yeah, I can't see this ending well with poor Youko - even if Leo (having been established as a villain) ends up killed or something, that won't help her. Yuuya might end up in a position to help her but I don't think she'd want that, after all as far as she's concerned this is all indirectly his fault.

(The Killing Bites manga tankoubons keep advertising another work by this writer, Himenospia, which looks preeeetty damn messed up. Trashy, but intriguingly messed up. )

After being away on vacation I finally got to watch the last two episodes, and I have to agree. I wasn't expecting this show to make me feel sorry for her, but it did. If Leo does end up dying I kind of hope Youko is the one to do it, or at least has a hand in it. While it won't change anything that's happened, it might give her some vindication.
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Old 2018-04-14, 23:56   Link #163
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Leo isn't even the mastermind that killed her Grandpa. He is just the one who did the deed, the ones who ruined her life are the boardmembers of her Grandpa's company. Killing Leo changes nothing because he isn't even the leader.

And really, lower employees get raped all the time in her organisation, and she clearly didn't care enough to stop it. Why should she be avenged when she didn't see any point to give justice to anyone else?
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Old 2018-04-15, 07:49   Link #164
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It's because they attribute all bad happening to Leo.
A wishful thinking.
If Leo dies might get worse than it is now and the reason her enemies just don't go kill her is because attacking her means going against Leo. Ironic isn't it?
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