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Old 2007-02-14, 17:58   Link #1
nepenthes rajah
Join Date: Jan 2007
Question anime with a "strategy game" theme or flavor (examples inside)

I'd love some suggestions for an anime with a strategy\game feel or theme.
What I mean isn't necessarily a sports\game kind (like Hikaru no Go) - but more in the way of the whole plot being set up like a game of some sort.

Rozen Maiden - the Alice game is the basis for the story
Fate\Stay Night - don't want to give spoilers, but those who've seen it will know, it is practically like a PC game
Code Geass - there is this 'chessboard' motif creeping up all the time, and what Lelouch is doing is basically a big strategy, with smaller plans for mini-arcs
Death Note - a very noticeable game pattern again, with set rules and a player vs player plot

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Old 2007-02-14, 19:00   Link #2
Zetsubou Demonz
Join Date: Jul 2006
How about Gantz?? have to fight those monsters to survive...

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Old 2007-02-14, 20:51   Link #3
"Show it to me"
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Try watching Utawarerumono then. It has plenty of strategical stuffs and it was based on a game.
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Old 2007-02-14, 23:34   Link #4
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Spiral would be a pretty good choice. It mostly features "duels" where the protagonist has to pit his wits against an antagonist. In a lot of ways, Spiral functions as a primer on games theory, so if you're interested in that, then it would be a good fit. The main drawback to Spiral is that it doesn't really have an ending, thus many plot threads are left unresolved (or even adequately addressed).
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Old 2007-02-15, 01:58   Link #5
~Night of Gales~
Join Date: Dec 2005
Yu-Gi-Oh (( I'm not going to recommend the horrible GX )) : ~ Shounen series with card games, with different game flairs mixed in once in a while like a real-life RPG with cards. It's not an amazing series, but it's decent enough if you're looking for a game-type anime.

Legend of Galactic Heroes : ~ An epic game of galactic warfare that employs battle of human pyschology and giant space fleets. It's not really a gamish feel anime, but there's strategy involved in the story-telling.
Night~and~Gale: ~ The Final Mythology of the Man who Defied Destiny.

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Old 2007-02-15, 10:45   Link #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2006
Hunter X Hunter - to become qualified hunters the main characters have to undergo a lot of tests and use lots of strategies, the greed island episodes are when they are 'sucked' into the game itself
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Old 2007-02-15, 20:56   Link #7
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Kagihime - At various points, girls switch sides, stab each other's back, and commit suicide.

Magikano - The trick is to find a way to get closer to Haruo without drawing the other girls' attention... not easy, considering they all stick to him like glue.

Canvas 2 - The path to winning Hiroki's heart is a tricky one... the direct approach is doomed to failure.

Shuffle! - Timing is crucial - too early, and he'll lose interest; too late, and you'll lose your chance.

To Heart - Akari's strategy is one of the more interesting ones you'll see in a dating sim adaptation. The other girls also play their hands correctly - albeit in a losing cause.

Lamune - nah, no strategy here; everyone's goal is to get Kenji and Nanami to the altar as soon as possible.
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Old 2007-02-19, 03:58   Link #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: USA
Banner of the Stars 1 had an interesting strategy angle. It is different from the other related series in that this strategic angle is central to the whole arc.

I don't know if it would be as enjoyable if you hadn't watched Crest of the Stars first, however.
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Old 2007-02-19, 10:59   Link #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2006
12 Kingdoms have the strategy elements.
Basilisk is about two ninja clan that somewhat being ordered to kill each other.
Shakugan no Shana have a game feeling, kinda similiar to Fate SN, but better story/execution.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Nanoha A's.
Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny (especially Seed).
Mai Hime
Mai Otome

For a sure winner, try the Mai Hime and Mai Otome.
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Old 2007-02-19, 14:06   Link #10
Souten no Seigyoku
The Anti-Moron
Join Date: Jan 2006
On Yugi-Oh: The USA never aired the 1st season. Im talking about the real 1st season. It was supposed to be dark and people actually died so it wasnt aired in the US.

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Old 2007-02-20, 12:04   Link #11
Kleo Scanti
Urd Fangirl
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I second Mai HiME. Its idea is quite close to F/SN in the game aspect.
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Old 2007-02-21, 21:13   Link #12
Zetsubou Demonz
Join Date: Jul 2006
oh, and Tsubasa Chronicle, having to go to diffrent dimensions to obtain the feather through some sort of game to get it.
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Old 2007-02-22, 15:00   Link #13
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Originally Posted by Souten no Seigyoku View Post
On Yugi-Oh: The USA never aired the 1st season. Im talking about the real 1st season. It was supposed to be dark and people actually died so it wasnt aired in the US.
huh? That isnt the one where Yugi defeats Kiba in ep1?

Originally Posted by DarkDemonz View Post
oh, and Tsubasa Chronicle, having to go to diffrent dimensions to obtain the feather through some sort of game to get it.
Tsubasa Chronicle doesnt come close to a strategy. Its more like random wondering while random stuff happen. The battles dont have strategy . Nothing has has strategy
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Old 2007-02-22, 17:19   Link #14
Flame warrior
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Supreme Commander.

Haha no, just kidding. But if you want strategy, and you like Sci-fi, Starship Operators can't be beat. There's a somewhat homeworldish feel about that one that I liked.
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Old 2007-02-24, 20:00   Link #15
Thought Being
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Canada
Revolutionary Girl Utena, it has to do with various duels between the main character and other duelists to win the Rose Bride.
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