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Old 2017-10-06, 11:01   Link #41
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is the man... mc?
make me remember aladdin from magi
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Old 2017-10-07, 03:26   Link #42
Salted Tiger
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^Yea, MC is a shota
Reverse Raped Shota
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Old 2017-11-01, 09:27   Link #43
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Who is princess Brichele in the image? the blonde with red eyes, or the brown haired with yellow eyes?
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Old 2017-11-01, 09:31   Link #44
Salted Tiger
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^The middle one
Clealy she screams main heroine
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Old 2018-05-25, 19:13   Link #45
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unlike the other work that also has a thread.... this one has gotten 5 chs so far in 2018....
to wait for more or just go....
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Old 2018-05-26, 05:03   Link #46
Darius Drake
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Originally Posted by Rinvelt View Post
Finally, Repart's curse. While the concept is original and I find it really interesting, the way it's applied is bullshit. Because all your physical abilities are minus 1 you can't win? It's complete bullshit. We see in every manga/LN/WN/anime the weaker MC beats his opponent thanks to his willpower and guts. And when it comes to willpower, guts and tenacity, Repart is obviously the better one. Even then let's say it's because of the curse and all, but another question: why can't he dodge completely? I mean, ok, his status is his opponent minus 1, but even then it's illogical how he can ONLY dodge by a paper thin margin. There are other things too, but I don't even want to write more than this. And I absolutely won't write about how bullshit his curse is applied to sex.
I have just read through this thread due to seeing it high and wondering what it was about. I have to agree, the curse is complete bull. Hell, I can easily imagine a story with a similar curse (and probably "officially" worse, such as having 90% of the opponent's stats) being the MC's OP cheat. Imagine something like Master of the Brave where the MC can use magic but his base physical & magical traits copies his opponent's, and you're probably be able to picture it. Using it as an excuse for the MC to train and master multiple types of combat skills when everyone else is grinding out stats would make for an interesting premise of an action-centric story.

As for how this story sounds as it stands, it sounds like something I would happily give a miss to, and would probably drop quickly due to boredom if I decided to read it.

All that said, if the curse also copies things like combat competency and sexual desires, then the basis of this story would at least make SOME sense. It probably doesn't ever say that, though, so...
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Old 2018-05-26, 05:27   Link #47
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To be honest I hate (strong word, but heh) this novel and the other one on Nocturne because they take the time he could use for Nagai Koto.

But other than that, in this one and the other, comedy is honstly good. Lots of flaws, but comedy and unpredictabilities are really the author's forte.
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cursed protagonist, inhuman rape, princess harem, rape / gang rape, vampire

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