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another character was added... Hwa jai (plays like Joe, pretty much a clone with extra movesets)

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Oh god, did they just bring back a character from the first Fatal Fury? He was Joe's rival back in the day.
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Pen Pen Impressions
And Most of the videos from the HK Location Test
---------------------------Impressions #1---------------------------

Graphics are awsum. But I'm a pretty low bar setter in these regards, but I do find them very pleasing. No shadowing issues in XII appearing here anymore. Maybe I'm used to uber closeup sprites in XII, but it now somehow needs some getting used to from me. Neomax effects are dramatic and it's like suddenly they went nuts for a split second doing something we never saw before. The wow factor is awesome.

The music is what we heard on the website, bears no repeating. It's good. That's all.

The color palette's pretty cool and amazing. I saw some pretty unique color combination, Kyo had this Shin Kyo color and Iori has two variants of his current suit, etc. And to top it off, the character select screen's timer does give you sufficient time to choose 3 characters AND their respective colors (if you are choosing your characters semi-decisively).

Controls aren't uber responsive, I had times where I tried to do a DP, but then instead a jump comes out. I think it may be my own alignment problem more than the stick's. But the feedback has been the stick isn't as responsive as the players want.

On Drive Cancels (are they called Drive Cancels?), it's too easy to pull off without warning. At times I try to do a dp, and then it comes out with a qcf move (eg my Kyo does a dp+C and then a qcf+C comes out after the first hit). I'd prefer personally that I am at least able to drive cancel like I wanted to.

The hyper drive bar seems to be an auto-fill bar which is fine to me. It does feel very much like 2k2(UM) to me when people activate it.

It seems like a lot more normals can be kara-cancelled. First thing comes to mind for me is Shen Woo's low D. Kyo's far C is now also cancellable. However, I must note that some normals like Kyo's close C seems to have a smaller than usual cancelling window. At times, you need to input the next move early.

Speaking of which. I'm not 100% sure whether all far/close attacks are back yet. The majority of them are, but eg. Ryo still is stuck with his old standing D in XII and I haven't seen Kyo do a close D yet.

Character impressions:
Kyo - Compared to XII Kyo, he doesn't have a gameplay revolving pressing B like a madman. While his low B->standing B->whatever combo is still around, it's harder to come out. His Oniyaki still feels nigh invincible. His Orochinagi still has the old invincibility. Air Orochinagi for combos and so far is only used by cancelling his rdp+D.

Mature - Very fast, and in the right hands, can be pretty much the hardest character to deal with. Low A into qcb+K is super safe, can repeat on block, can combo (but obviously not repeatable into an infinite). qcb+P is easy hit confirm and safe. I think she's the best of the lot. Easy combos, good damage, hard to get away from on defense. EX fierball juggles if you didn't know.
Terry - RISING TACO has some pretty good invincibility. Buster Wolf won't continue on block. Trap Shoot is not an overhead, I think. If you ask me, I think he's pretty much the same from XII in general.

Ryo - Fireball seems to have improved slightly. His hcb+K now moves faster (thank god) than XII. Otherwise, it's very much like what he was in XII. f+A doesn't knockdown anymore but I never tried cancelling that into anything. You can sorta play him like 2k2 Ryo and it works pretty well.

Ralf - Only saw him once and I can only think of one his vulcan punch *that* invincible in XII? Seems to protect him really well if the other character is in range and trying to do something funny.

Ash - qcfx2+P is much faster now, yay. His Neomax is pretty nice but maybe aside from the Neomax vid on SNKP, since it's a grab super, most Ash players will jump in and perform that. It does look awesome, but I think it's not an instant Kyo's Kamikura before 2k2UM.
Joe - Thank god that his dp+K is slower. I don't think I'm seeing anything different aside from that.

Takuma - The stance looks weird but this guy is fierce. Has 98 Takuma's movelist but with now a bigger fierball, his db,f+D may juggle but pushes the opponent farther than before, so no zan retsu ken followup for you (maybe aside from corners). In fact, so far nobody connected anything from it yet. He has another variant of his fierball where he sorta like does his 2k2 incarnation's HSKK (the invisible one) and a fierball comes out. He also has this guard break move which allows him to followup with whatever within a short timespan. His Neomax is useful, and is well worth the stock usage. In short, he good.

Leona - Nothing I never saw before in XII, except for her EX X-slasher.

Athena - Saw her once, but I think she can set up her shield move and do other stuff while the shield is up (which lasts for a second or two I think).

Kim - Nothing else you never saw before, very much is the guy you already know about from XII and early XIII loketest feedback.

Shen Woo - Oh my gawd, I think he's probably the most toned down character from XII. The only thing I can see improving is his qcb+A's speed. Reduced range in his low D. C version of
SHEN WOO PUNCH LITE has chargeup time of around a split second regardless if you're charging or not, A version of SHEN WOO PUNCH LITE if hit is actually a 50-50 with your opponent where you can get thrown. SHEN WOO UPPERCUT is slow - I mean XII D version slow, doesn't seem to connect from weak attacks even if it's his B version (I can't fathom how slow his D version will be). Never tried SHEN WOO BITCHSLAP yet, hopefully it's at least same as XII. And yes, you can do SHEN WOO PUNCH LITE into SHEN WOO UPPERCUT once in a blue moon if he can do drive cancels. SHEN WOO GOES SSJ takes 2 stocks, lets him do more damage and does a quick closeup of him. SHEN WOO PUNCH is pretty much same as XII. So if you ask me, I think he now sucks.

Hwa Jai - Joe clone...after all this writing of Shen and his disappointments in XIII, cut me some slack here (see my post above). D:

Neomaxes I saw:
Terry - Starts off like his Power Stream (WUSS POWER!) in 2k3, but then it turns out to be like a fullscreen beam attack of sorts at the end (think zillions of geysers appearing from the ground). Super awesome.

Joe - Does a windup (like his 2k3 LDM) and then punches a hurricane forward, horizontally for major ouchage.

Ryo - Shin Tenchi Haoh Ken, but does seem to trade hits with opponent. It was used to KO so can't tell about the damage/counter damage and dizziness effect, if any.

Takuma - Shoryuken by bringing the opponent offscreen with him, and then supposedly lands with the opponent beneath him with a karate chop. In my first vid, with Kyo he apparently caused a bug which caused Kyo to slide away afterwards.

Ralf - Larf summons his inner Kenshiro fanboyism, turns red, and does something either like ZA WARUDO/ORA ORA fists of fury or Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken or whatever mango/animu multi punch. Covers the halfscreen space in front of him. After this, he needs like a second of cooldown.
Ash - It's liek...Kyo's Kamikura!

---------------------------Impressions #2---------------------------
Neomax damage seems to have some relation to your current lifebar's length.

Not too different from XII, except for her jump qcb+A, C version follows XII. Her jump qcb+AC (EX ver) does 5 hits, the slash stays in the air. EX version good for pressuring by doing qcb,ub+AC, if it hits, you can continue with a combo.
Drive cancel combo can do: d,u+C -> b,f+B ->d,u+C loop, can do around 40% damage and pushes opponent into corner. Then you can pressure again with qcb,ub+AC afterwards.

Plays like 98UM EX King. With air fierball, can stall some jumps with qcf,uf+K (low air fierball).
df+D unfortunately not cancellable. dp+K doesn't connect from weak attacks. hcb+K and qcfx2+P are good anti-airs.

Hwa Jai:
Normals are the same as Joe (pretty much), but he can cancel off his standing B while Joe can't.
dp+K: B version flies 45 degrees, has invincibility. D version flies forward, no invincibility. EX version flies forward, but if blocked will pass through the opponent.
Air dp+K: B version flies down 45 degrees. D version flies forward. EX version feels like B version so far.
For DMs, qcf,hcb+P is a running grab, can connect after f+B. Qcfx2+K is a ranbu (even though when I did it it feels like it was a slash kick).
Can consider a high-damaging Joe. Low B -> B -> f+b -> qcf,hcb+P already does 40% off. If at the corner, if working with drive cancels he'll hurt even more.

Close D is only 1 hit. Far C cancellable. No f+A anymore, no high-low games.
No hcf+P and qcb+K.
qcb+C feels slower, but qcb+A can connect from weak attacks still. Her qcf+P followup is still around. Vice instead moves forward more for the followup instead of jumping higher. The followup somehow seems to be able to be performed on its own, but the input motion is unknown.
dp+P still unknown.
hcf+K has no damage, slower to come out. Will pull the opponent to you.
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Here are some videos of Ash and Elisabeth demonstrating their Neo-Max DMs.


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Here's all the Location test vids!,848.0.html
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Here's the full tranlation of Yagami's team story

Translated by YasakaniHeir

Yagami's team story

Although this region is known for its hot weather, that night was all but hot. Sometimes, strong winds were even blowing…
Indeed, what woke Chizuru Kagura was not heat; it was more of an evil presence feeling.
She took a look at the Shoji facing the garden. Beautiful shining blue-ish light of the full moon were illuminating the room.
Suddenly, a long thin silhouette drew up in the shoji. Noticing it, Chizuru’s went completely alarmed.
“Huh! Who’s there?”
Chizuru realized her inexperience as she asked for the person’s identity in a concealed voice. Quickly thinking back the situation, this familiar silhouette that went unnoticed through the garden. Before seeing him, she had already figured it out.
Chizuru felt ashamed of her own inexperience as it seemed obvious who the mysterious visitor was.
“…you’ve become such a coward, Kagura”
A small derisive laughter briefly showed.
“You too…”
Chizuru closed her white summer undershirt that partially exposed her chest, and then sat on her futon.
“You too, you lost your flames, didn’t you?”
“So what?”
Before that arrogant answer, Chizuru remained silent.
Even though his purple flames were lost, his strength definitely is not. The Kagura residence is extremely well guarded place with countless strong bodyguards… Just the fact that he is standing before her right now, means there is no doubt about his strength.
For Chizuru, whose self-confidence was greatly affected when she lost the powers of the mirror, it was clear that it was not the case for him. Thinking about that, she was biting her lips in anger…
“I came here to see whether you regained your powers yet… As I thought, it seems that brat will just have to be taken care of.”
Said the man as he turned to take his leave. Chizuru reached for him in confusion.
“Wait, Yagami! This might be your only chance!”
“…What chance?”
“For the last 660 years, the Yagami flames you wield have been affected by Orochi’s evil power. But, now that the flames and the Magatama were lost… now… now, maybe it’s your only chance to free your family from Orochi’s curse.”
Chizuru’s complaint made the man laugh.
“… I’m who I am. I don’t give a damn about the Yagami family line whatsoever!”
Chizuru was intending to talk him on it, only then did she realize how inconsistent her request was.
The Yagami Family flames, which power come from the Yasakani Magatama--- If these flames are bonded to the Orochi blood, then freeing himself from Orochi would inevitably mean abandoning his flames forever.
But it also means that one of the 3 sacred treasures, used to seal Orochi, would be lost forever.
Chizuru’s face turned pale with such a dilemma.
“Rest assured. Your mirror will get back to you soon.”
Chizuru remained silent, and the man greeted her while taking his leave.
“… However, next thing to be lost is the Sword”
“Stop, Yagami!”
Chizuru quickly got out of her futon, opened the Shoji and rushed out of the room.
However, there was only a silent garden bathed in the shining light of the full moon. The figure of the redheaded man was nowhere to be seen.


The old bridge was shaking considerably every time a truck was passing by the road under it.
Endlessly exposed to wind and rain, its coating wore off all over and its rusty spikes smelled as like the remains of some huge dead animal.
Walking slowly past a spike, Iori Yagami stopped for a while and gazed up at the moon.
The cigarette in his right hand was slowly burning out… Suddenly, burnt out ashes fell on the ground.
“… What business do dead-like people have with me?”
With a cool-headed look, he lowered his head from the sky towards a spot at the ground next to the bridge where was gathering a deep black shadow.
“Holding a grudge against me? Or is it going to be “Kill me please” once again?”
After Iori said that, the dark shadow responded.
“Such a greeting, Yagami… Although it’s been a long time since we last met”
“Staring at the sky once again… Didn’t we say it before? That we shall meet someday again in a full moon night.”
Hearing those charming women voices, Iori didn’t move a single eyebrow.
As Iori was watching, the shadow was writhing in agony. Quietly, but surely, it started to gradually take shape.
Finally, once it stood out from a 2D world to a 3D one, the shadow had shaped into two beautiful ladies. (Now, I am raising an eyebrow)
The man tossed his cigarette. He narrowed his eyes then muttered.
“…Then it must be some sort lingering affection that made come out”
“Affection? There’s no such a thing”
The redheaded Vice grandly twisted her stretched body, as she talked. The shape of her body concealed in black pants was completely reminiscent of that of a large snake.
“---- Originally we weren’t planning to come out.”
“Then, why are you here?”
“Well, I wonder why… Couldn’t it be because you guys were disappointing beyond expectations?”
A distinctive eye patch showed on Mature’s clear face. The blonde lady moved her shiny red lips to answer Iori’s sarcasm.
“… What are talking about?”
“After Kagura, it was Yagami’s turn… It seems even you got tricked, weren’t you? Deceived by that Ash Crimson boy!”
“And on top of that, it looks like his strange colleagues are aiming at Orochi’s power. You know, the ones who call themselves “those from the distant land”“
“… Whatever, I don’t care”
“That sure sounds like you. Because, all you ever care about is yourself, right?”
“However, it does matters for us. We can’t let it happen!”
“We can’t possibly allow Orochi’s power to be helplessly exposed, now can we?”
“And that’s why we came back.”
Burdened in darkness, their 3 eyes (Vice’s 2 + Mature’s 1) were suspiciously shining. Vice and Mature, both are supposed to have been killed at Iori’s own hands.
Iori put his hands in his pockets, and then spoke.
“It’s nice of you to bear the consequences of Kagura’s mistake. … Still, what the hell the two of you can do?”
“Weeeeeell…However if we join forces, then there must be something we can do. Right?”
“Your aim is the boy; ours is the other guys… If we keep advancing in the tournament, we will run into them sooner or later.”
“…The same ridiculous mockery again!”
“Indeed. But, using that ridiculous mockery is the fastest way to find them. And for this to work we’ll need to be teammates, even if it’s for the mere formalities. Get it, Yagami-kun?”
With that sound, Iori walked away indifferently. Passing next to Vice and Mature, he continued his way down the bridge.
Without stopping to speak, he added.
“I’ll warn you in advance. If it turns out to be useless for me---”
““Then I’ll have no more use for you!” Right? ………..we’ll keep it in mind.”
Vice’s suppressed laugh was slowly fading out.
“We’re excited as well! Excited about the extents of your strength after losing your flames. -----But since it’s you, we probably won’t be disappointed.”
“…Even dead, it seems you’re as smooth talker as ever”
At the bridge exit, he stopped then looked back over his shoulder.
The two ladies’ shadowy shapes were nowhere, and all Iori could see was the blue moon shining in the clear dark sky.
Iori took out another cigarette, and lit it up with his lighter that he has been using for a while.
The thin smoke of the tossed cigarette rose up towards the full moon night sky, while a red flickering light was glowing from the silhouettes lurking in the dark.
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Here's the latest blog translation.

Yeah it's basically talking about Ash' moves and how he's changed since the previous game etc. Let's see how much of this I can translate before my flight starts boarding, lol.

Q: So let's talk about Ash's special characteristics.

Ash has two key ranged attack capabilities with his Ventose (that comes out with different speeds depending on the light or heavy version) and his Genie which is a ranged attack that stays in place. His basic style is to look at the opponent's reaction and respond with the appropriate anti-air measures.

He has strong defense, but is also a great offensive character. Since he has strong defense even without having any gauge, he's able to use his power stocks for offensive purposes if needed. For instance he can use his Sans-Culotte DM to augment his offensive capabilities, gaining the ability to do his moves without charging, and to cancel moves that couldn't previously be cancelled.

You could call him a character that's like a fortress with no weaknesses, I suppose.

He also has a bunch of moves that he gained for story reasons, based on Chizuru's power that he stole in KOF2003, and Iori's power that he stole in KOF XI.

Q: Please tell us about the new moves he's gained since KOF XII.

Just like Mr Yamaguchi said earlier, he's gained the Germinar that uses Chizuru's power, as well as Frutidore (sp?) which uses Iori's power. Frutidore is his NeoMAX DM. He may gain some additional moves beyond those two as well.

Q: In KOF XI, the Germinar had the ability to seal the opponent's special moves. Is that still the case?

Yes it is. On top of that in KOF XI even if you hit with the move your opponent would usually tag out quickly - since the multi-shift system is absent this time around, it should become a much more useful move.

Also pay attention to the graphics on the move - once you hit with the move, the opponent's power gauge and hyperdrive gauge will become greyed out.

By the way, you do the move as an immediate followup from the Sans-culotte.

Q: What is Fructidor like?

Fructidor is a throw move. It's a NeoMAX DM, so it's quite powerful. You can think of it as a powerful addition that lets you crush your opponent.

We might change the animation of this move somewhat from the version that was usable at the location test.

Q: What about the EX versions of his special moves?

Most of Ash' EX moves do multiple hits. In particular I'd like to call attention to his EX Genie. Unlike the regular version, the EX version activates fast on contact with the opponent, like an explosion, so it's not possible to escape by dashing or jumping. In addition, the explosion does multiple hits, so you can easily use it to start a combo. Of course, the fact that you can put this out anywhere on the screen makes it very difficult for the opponent to approach you.

In any case it's effective just by placing it on the screen. It's a 'disgusting' move that fits pretty well with Ash' image, isn't it?

Q: Are there any other moves we should take note of?

His Thermidor has faster startup and a smaller window of vulnerability, so it's a lot easier to use.
On top of that because it moves slowly, it's hard to avoid by jumping or rolling, and blocking it will cause the opponent to take tick damage. In addition while they're blocking you can mix up high and low attacks - much like the EX Genie I mentioned before, it's a move that will cause disgust in your opponent just by you throwing it out there.
Ash has a lot of moves that allow him to show off - I suppose it's an extension of his personality (laughs).
To anyone who uses Ash, I encourage you to play him in a way that creates advantageous situations for you.

He's very much a character aimed at people who want to mess with and provoke their opponents.

Thank you very much. Next week we'll talk about the three members of the Elisabeth Team. Please look forward to it!
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Originally Posted by Nayim View Post
Now that's the good shit.
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Maxima will be next and the team stories will come before that!

Posted by cyberfanatix

K' officially confirmed and appearing in the last update of the KOF XIII Official Site.
The Game Mode tag has been also updated announcing the single player mode!
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Here's a video showing an animated cutscene of the game, it's in Japanese but I think it contains major spoiler.

So, anyone in this forum knows Japanese? I like to find out what the subtitles say.
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Here's some location test vids from Hong Kong and Japan (Just rember the game is at 90% and it's the arcade version the hove version will come after that!)

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Maxima is confirmed to be the second member of Team K'.
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From Zamalek of Cyberfanatix

note for who doesn't know.

The mid-game demo has no new information, the same that was said before.

I was surfing YouTube and found a Spanish translated version of the mid-game demo and tried to translate it using Google translator and found that


ROSE: "Este ano, el torneo The King of fighters, es celebrado
integramente por la fundacion Bernstein
El dinero?, no es problema"

BOTAN: "Las cosas estan funcionando de acuerdo a lo planeado...
teniendo el coliseo del torneo situado exactamente encima del lugar de descanzo de Orochi...
solo resta abrir la dimension."

Botan esta realizando un excelente trabajo en el torneo KOF

DARK ASH: Asi que tu eres Mukai cierto? ... me eres completamente inutil...
MUKAI: si asi es, perdoneme senor...
ASH: "tras la muerte de Magaki y la desaparicion de Shion... no tendremos mas que... una oportunidad
mmm, ya veo
...chicos, deben morir todos? su vida no vale nada... menos pueden hacer un buen uso de ella."
MUKAI: Entendido senor.

The English translation:
ROSE: "This year, The King of Fighters tournament is held
entirely by the Bernstein Foundation
The money?, No problem "

BOTAN: "Things are working according to plan ...
having the tournament arena is located just above the place of rest during Orochi ...
dimension only remains open. "

Botan is doing an excellent job in the KOF tournament

DARK ASH: So you're Mukai right? ... are completely useless to me ...
MUKAI: If so, forgive me sir ...
ASH: "After the death of Magaki and the disappearance of Shion ... we have no more than an opportunity ...
mmm, I see
... Guys should all die? his life is worthless ...
... At least they can make good use of it. "
MUKAI: Understood sir.

Nothing new. I think I have read it in the forum before.
This is only a note for who don't know
Elisabeth Team Story translation (Google&Human):

And a Blog update
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And Ash's story (Part One!)
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The story is too long so I Have to put each part separate!

(Ash story Part Two!)

Ash Story final part

Credit goes to FighterBoy for the story translations!

Here's the portrait and gif

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Kula Diamond CONFIRM:
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man you beat me to it!

Kula Diamond is confirmed and Kim's team story has been posted!
The final roster is complete (at least for the arcade version!)

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Send a message via AIM to Yasanagi

All that's left is to reveal who's gonna be the cheap SNK boss this time around.
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Originally Posted by Yasanagi View Post

All that's left is to reveal who's gonna be the cheap SNK boss this time around.
If i remember correctly, the story said the letters send from "R"

Maybe Rugal? Because Mature & Vice suddenly alive without any reason, i doubt it's Rugal.....I think :P.
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arcade, fighting, playmore, ps3, snk, xbox360

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