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Old 2022-11-20, 21:39   Link #541
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So nano machines?
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Old 2023-01-04, 21:25   Link #542
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An Experimental Cancer Vaccine Turned Tumor Cells Into Traitors

"A team of scientists are looking to turn cancer into its own worst enemy. Their
experimental vaccine candidate uses tumor cells modified to deliver a toxic payload to
the rest of the cancer, while also making it easier for the immune system to target and
remember the cancer in the future. In new research, the vaccine delivered promising
results against the most common form of brain cancer—at least in mice.

Cancer vaccines are generally therapeutic, meaning that they’re meant to treat existing
cancers or prevent them from returning. They try to exploit a kink in the cancer’s armor
that normally allows it to evade the immune system. Often, this has been done by
training immune cells to recognize some key part of a cancer’s cells, such as cancer-
specific proteins, using inactivated cancer cells or some other delivery method (including
viruses). But researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
led by Khalid Shah, are working on a slightly different approach. Their plan is to take
living cancer cells and genetically modify them into traitors."

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Old 2023-04-28, 23:30   Link #543
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Originally Posted by cyberdemon View Post
So nano machines?

Mechanical Nanosurgery Shreds Cancer Cells in Mice

"The method, which the researchers call mechanical nanosurgery, could
provide a much-needed new treatment option for patients with glioblastoma,
a terminal form of brain cancer. The new method uses iron-filled carbon
nanotubes injected directly into tumors. When researchers apply a magnetic
field, the nanotubes spin, damaging cancer cells and causing some to self-
destruct. The method is still in the early stages of development, but could
one day offer a new treatment for a disease which has not seen a major
advance in treatment for nearly two decades, and which invariably develops
resistance to chemotherapy treatments."

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Old 2023-05-11, 00:15   Link #544
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This Vaccine Could Turn the Tides Against Deadly Pancreatic

"In a new study published Wednesday in Nature, U.S. researchers unveiled
a new personalized mRNA vaccine that can be used to combat a particular
form of pancreatic cancer called pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).
In a Phase 1 trial, PDAC patients jabbed with the vaccine in combination
with chemotherapy and immunotherapy developed a substantial immune
response that remained robust even 18 months later."

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Old 2023-05-19, 00:20   Link #545
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A Universal Flu Vaccine Is Getting Closer to Reality

"We might be one major step closer toward ending the scourge of the
seasonal flu. This week, the U.S. National Institutes of Health
announced the start of a phase I clinical trial testing out a potential
universal flu vaccine. The safety and immune response of the
experimental shot will be compared to a typical annual flu vaccine.

The candidate was developed by researchers at the NIH’s National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) Vaccine Research
Center. It’s a mRNA-based vaccine, much like the first generation of
covid-19 vaccines. The NIH is conducting the trial in conjunction with
Duke University in North Carolina; they plan to enroll up to 50 healthy
volunteers between the ages of 18 and 49."

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Old 2023-05-31, 17:30   Link #546
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An Artificial Virus May One Day Cure the Deadliest
Diseases We Know

"One method of gene editing you may not have known about actually
involves the participation of some of the most fearsome foes we've
ever known: viruses. But these aren’t the kinds of viruses that infect
healthy cells and plunge the world into global pandemics. In a new
study published in Nature Communications on Tuesday, scientists
have shown that it’s possible to modify a bacteria-killing virus—
known as a phage—to deliver much more DNA to human cells than
is possible through current gene editing techniques.

The result could mean that gene therapy treatments for diseases
could be completed in a single step."

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Old 2023-06-22, 01:23   Link #547
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Scientists believe they've discovered a cure for baldness.
It's hiding in your hairy moles - and can be injected like

"But according to new research, there is one molecule that drives
pesky moles on our skin to overproduce hair. And the researchers
who discovered its hair-growing potential believe it could be used
to treat age-related hair loss.

"You don't need to actually invent any new molecules," hair
scientist Maksim Plikus from the University of California, Irvine told
Insider. "Nature has them all."

In a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, Plikus
and his colleagues revealed osteopontin — a molecule "that has not
been previously linked to hair growth" — is very active in hairy
mole skin.

Plikus believes this compound could be needled into the scalp of
balding men and women to reawaken hair follicles that have gone
dormant, in a near-painless Botox-like procedure."

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Old 2023-08-01, 23:18   Link #548
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Cancer-killing pill that annihilates tumours hailed
as ‘holy grail’ breakthrough

"Scientists have developed a ‘holy grail’ molecule that kills
all solid cancer tumours, leaving healthy cells unaffected.

The team at the City of Hope, one of the largest cancer
research and treatment organisations in the US, made the
breakthrough against the proliferating cell nuclear antigen
(PCNA) protein.

In a mutated form PCNA is critical in DNA replication and
repair of all expanding tumours, but a molecule
developed by the team, AOH1996, targets and kills the
mutated PCNA.

Previously PCNA was thought too challenging to be a
target for therapy, but preclinical research shows AOH1996
seems to annihilate all solid tumours – without effects on
other body cells.

The team is continuing to investigate the mechanisms that
make this cancer-stopping pill work in animal models,
while a Phase 1 clinical trial test is also ongoing in humans.

However, it is not yet known if the drug will continue to be
taken in pill form once fully developed and approved for

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