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Old 2008-11-11, 05:38   Link #1201
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I just finished the series. H&C is definitely a great anime, and its very solid in all aspects, but it never quite pushed over into favorites territory. It covers a lot of themes I love and does them well.

All the characters were great. I didn't love any of them, but I liked all of them. Morita was initially the reason I was watching the series for. Takemoto turned into my favorite character though, with Morita remaining in second and Ayu and Shuuji coming behind Morita.

The romance aspect was well done. I wasn't expecting so much focus on unrequited and failed loves though. It really reminds me of 5cm per second, I went in not really knowing thats what I was in for.

The Morita/Hagu/Takemoto triangle was one of the more unusual love triangles I've seen. Even towards the end I was half expecting Hagu to end up with Takemoto, than she ends up with Shuuji. I wasn't expecting it, but it makes sense I guess. She grew up a lot during the series, so I don't really think its too manipulative like some people are suggesting. And its not nearly as incesty as Myself ; Yourself or Koi Kaze, so whatever.

As for the Ayu/Mayama/Rika triangle, that was a bit more typical, although I enjoyed Ayu's view point. She's probably my favorite character in the series after Morita and Takemoto, and I did enjoy the Rika/Mayama pairing.

The comedy was well done too. Generally funny when I wasn't expecting it. It has the best bad cook running gag in anime, all of the old men crying and reminscing of the days of their youth stuff was great, the twister scenes were funny, and most of all, I gotta give it to the series for the scene where Morita kisses Hagu, and than screaming and running away. That is hands down one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

But my favorite part of the series to me was the final arc in season 1. Namely, Takemoto's bike ride. That whole arc struck a chord with me. I've actually took a couple of road trips like that before, although not to the extent of leaving for months.

Overall, I'd give Honey and Clover an 8.5/10. A very very well done slice of life. It doesn't earn a spot in the favorites list because I never fell in love with the characters, and it got off to a slow start with me. It took me two attempts to get into the series and even on the second watch I didn't really start liking the show until 4 or 5 episodes in, and didn't consider it anywhere near an 8.5/10 until close to the halfway through the first season.
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Old 2009-01-25, 21:19   Link #1202
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I finally got around to finishing H and C season one and started up on the first two episodes of season 2 today. I'm taking my time, don't want to see it go!
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Old 2009-01-25, 21:33   Link #1203
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Haha yes, this is one of my all-time favorite slice of life/romance shows. ^__^; I couldn't get enough of this when I saw it a while back.

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Old 2009-09-02, 12:41   Link #1204
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Anyone think Hagu might have been based in part on the artist Akiane? I just saw a show on TV that talked about her and the similarity to Hagu really struck me.
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Old 2009-09-05, 16:40   Link #1205
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I just got finished watching this series again, and it really struck me how mysterious the character Mayama was left to be. For all the other main characters, we were given at least some story about their past--their emotional life, where they grew up, their family, their childhood. In the anime, Mayama has none of that--he is just someone who graduated from art school and is in love with Rika. I would assume that if they did construct a past for him it might give some insight into why he fell for her, and many other things. Was he given a past in the manga, I wonder?
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Old 2009-09-05, 19:27   Link #1206
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Well, Rika was beautiful and injured. Mayama is chivalry.
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Old 2009-09-05, 19:30   Link #1207
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On the whole I think Mayama -> Rika was one of the aspects of this series that I didn't give as much attention to. On the whole I feel like the romance subplots weren't as important to me as much as the non-romance ones (Takemoto's growth, the Morita family, the relationship between Rika and Shuuji, etc)

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Old 2009-09-05, 20:20   Link #1208
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It is Rika's resurrection on another perspective.
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Old 2009-09-05, 20:46   Link #1209
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I found the relationship between Mayama and Rika captivating, personally, and it does make enough sense. But for instance, in season two we went from knowing nothing about the Morita's into learning everything, and it made Morita much more whole, three dimensional--I just wish they would have given us a clue about Mayama.
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Old 2011-09-02, 23:04   Link #1210
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I really think we need another season to find out what happens to the gang. Season 2 ends on such a downer.
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