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View Poll Results: Which Sin is the next to die?
Lust 11 35.48%
Gluttony 8 25.81%
Envy 3 9.68%
Wrath 4 12.90%
Sloth 5 16.13%
Voters: 31. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2004-06-24, 18:14   Link #21
Ichi wa zen, zen wa ichi
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Not all of them dying is an interesting idea.

LOL I know Envy's not going to be next but I picked him in the hopes that if I pray hard enough, he'll be wasted. :-D He's getting on my nerves.

However, I agree, I think Lust is just walking into her death at this point. But seeing as Edward isn't going to/might not know to apply the alchemical circle like Ryla did on Greed, the fight(s) may be far more difficult than the fight with Greed, since they will still have ingested the fake stones.

I could see Sloth being left alive because I'm not sure that Ed and Al could kill Sloth if they had to. And she's far less of a risk, not bothering to chase them.

We haven't seen Pride, or "him" although there are theories abound! I think if we look at the complexion of the characters, Archer seems to be a decent bet. But you never know. By October this will be solved.
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Old 2004-06-24, 20:58   Link #22
Ichi wa zen. Zen wa Ichi.
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Well... If a sin is going to die soon, I think it's Lust. Or Gluttony first, who knows?
It can't be Wrath because of the Ed's limbs he has, and must be Izumi the one who will kill him.

But I still like Lust the most... It's a shame she have to die... Why not take the good path and join Ed and gang against the others bad sins?
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Old 2004-06-25, 15:11   Link #23
Big Damit!
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The new opening will probly give us some good clues
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Old 2004-07-04, 00:23   Link #24
Join Date: Jan 2004
Yep, I think its definitely gotta be Gluttony. The lust development is an indicator, but I think its possible (and would be really cool) if that was a diversion. Gluttony has been developed in a more subtle way as well. We get to dislike that fatt lump more and more with each episode, and basically his usefullness to Lust is weakening greatly in the last few eps, while Sloth seems to have (perhaps almost grudgingly) given him permission to eat ed and al. I think his position is ambiguous, but critical. For that reason, I see his death as an important one for the plot of FMA. Lust would probably follow him into oblivion, but not before having her pet killed in a very bizzare circumstance. It wont be an easy kill, and it certainly wont be expected, But I think it could be verry cool if done right, so thats my bet Besides, he needs to be payed back for eating als arms and legs!
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