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Old 2009-04-27, 18:20   Link #41
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Originally Posted by aliasxn View Post
Well, it was totally different this time... I mean, when they went on that "date" back in S1 she didn't even realize it, and the only time she blushed was when it finally hit her that she was on a date with a man (she was nervous about the situation itself, not Hayate). This time she was making chocolate, blushing, nervous, trying to get his approval, her inner thoughts about Hayate being the only guy in her life who is close to her age, etc... That was a side of her I never saw before, it was a pretty interesting development to me. The flag was officially raised.
Most of the season 1 after 26 are not consider canon by many who read the manga.
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Old 2009-04-27, 21:24   Link #42
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I'm guessing their merging the Valentines-Birthday-Whiteday arc's so people don't get confused by the different storyline. Though I'm curious if they are going to do the stuff in between (fillers) or are they just going for the major story points.

If they just do the major points, I'm having a hard time seeing 52 episodes. Barely 24 even episodes. With 52 episodes, that should bring them to Greece and beyond.
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Old 2009-04-27, 22:33   Link #43
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I'm still a tad confused on this but if, indeed HnG's intent is to parody manga, anime and games while presenting a cohesive storyline, then it would make sense that they would add OAV's to do parodies that could only be done in the anime form. I believe other series have done this (added OAV's) with success. If they do that, then the series could, theoretically, go for quite awhile.
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Old 2009-04-28, 05:33   Link #44
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Age: 27

Unfortunately, HnG's intent is to present a cohesive storyline with humor. Parody is not really the show's focused. Well, maybe for SynergySP it is somehow focused but the manga is quite different and the season 2 follows the manga route faithfully (right now). The only parodies that they use are only for gags. Nonetheless.
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Old 2009-04-28, 05:59   Link #45
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It's funny when Hina finally figured out why she keeps getting chocolates from girls
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Old 2009-04-28, 07:47   Link #46
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But it is also great that they are attempting to cover the meaty parts of the manga. I guess the humour part is not as important yet (at least till they finish covering up most of the storyline).
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Old 2009-04-28, 11:29   Link #47
Tachibana Isana
Join Date: Sep 2007
Really enjoyed episode 4 and felt it is quite easily the best episode of the second season by far. I've always enjoyed the romance episodes in HnG and this Valentine's Day episode was no different. Absolutely love that Ayumu was in the episode for more than 10 seconds and that she actually had a lot screen time. Always nice seeing Hinagiku. And it was great to see more of Maria's emotional side along with her feelings. So, all in all, a great episode.
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Old 2009-04-28, 15:16   Link #48
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When Maria laid down her hammer on that poor, defenseless chocolate...I had stitches
But in the end, I thought that her section of the episode was just the best. More love for Maria please, she isn't experienced in this thing called love XD

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Old 2009-04-30, 14:46   Link #49
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That sucks that Hayate is treating her like she is an old hag but really only one year older than him
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Old 2009-04-30, 19:14   Link #50
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Originally Posted by SkoolRumble4Ya View Post
That sucks that Hayate is treating her like she is an old hag but really only one year older than him
That's why the Saki's coming of age episode in S1 was hilarious, the way Maria was acting in that scene

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Old 2009-05-05, 16:11   Link #51
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Spoiler for Notes about Valentine's Day in Japan:
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Old 2009-05-12, 14:09   Link #52
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Hina is so kind, eventhough she loves Hayate (unknown to him of course) and want to give chocolate to him.
She had pity for Ayumu and let her give a Valentine chocolate to Hayate instead.
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Old 2009-05-12, 15:17   Link #53
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Not yet, no. She doesn't love him at this point of time. This choco was a peace offering - after all she's been pretty rough on him for a while.

The manga (and thus, S2) is very detailed about Hina's development of feelings - give it some time.
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