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Originally Posted by cyberdemon View Post
Perhaps "Phantom" isn't even a single person. There are discrepancies as I have pointed out before which makes the Reine reveal feel strange. Things like her location in the Goetia battle or even why when she met Shidou in the past, she transform into a different form from Reine but the next time she meets Shidou at the beginning of the series she takes the form of Reine which according to volume 16 is supposed to be her normal form. Like say Reine and Mio are different people but switch places from time to time with each on occasions becoming the entity known as "Phantom". Such that the "Reine" during the Goetia battle was actually a transformed Mio and the Phantom at that time who gave the crystal to Origami was actually Reine. And perhaps the Phantom from 5 years ago was actually Mio. Being the past, she would have no knowledge of Shidou knowing Reine which makes me feel that "Phantom" was hiding something else.
Feel strange to you, you mean? Everyone else seems to have accepted it easily enough. Once again, it just feels like you're grasping at straws at this point /shrug.

As for me, while I do think there's more than meets the eye to the whole thing, I'm still not entirely convinced Mio and Reine are even separate characters yet (not that I necessarily think they're definitely one and the same, either. There's certainly interesting rationalizations for both angles), and as you said, we're presented with the simple fact that <Phantom> is Reine. It doesn't make sense for two Spirits to share the exact same power set - unless either Mio somehow died prior to seven years ago and passed on her powers to Reine (which is incredibly anti-climactic), or they are one-and-the-same.
And as for Reine/Phantom disguising herself as Rinne, she'd just turned Kotori into <Efreet> (or was about to? I forget), and had young Shido seal her, so she likely already had her plan in mind. She knew that, in the future, Shido would know her - as Reine - and so revealing herself was out of the question.
HAVING SAID THAT, I can see Tachibana pulling something like that, to be honest. I, personally, just think it's below other possibilities like 'they're the same', or 'she can duplicate, Kurumi-style' - she can glamour after all, which is Haniel's power. It would make sense if she could emulate, at least parts of, the other Angel's abilities as well.

*In case this comes off as insulting, I just want to say that it isn't meant as such, and that I actually think you're a really cool person.
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@Anime-Oppai-Lover, Wow...I didn't even think of that, who knew a panty's color could be so symbolic.

@Kuroageha, Yeah, but for some reason I was never really a fan of her character before. Efreet Kotori has always been my favorite and a better yangire imo but to each their own. You can tell that Kurumi is the author's favorite though since he went all out with her in this volume.

Spoiler for answers:

Let’s hope that Akiye survives the highly fatal Japanese common cold and will come up with a full summary later.
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