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Old 2010-02-25, 18:50   Link #1
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Yume Nikki

Discuss... No Uboa hijack I don't believe there is another Yume Nikki thread on this board, but if there is I will somehow get rid of this one.

Check links below for further information.

Madotsuki's Closet - Yume Nikki Fan Site
Wikipedia on Yume Nikki
LoudMan's Yume Nikki Walkthrough
I love Flandre Scarlet

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Old 2011-12-05, 23:48   Link #2
Love Yourself
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Found out about this from another forum member. I already spoiled the game by reading everything about it, and now I wish I hadn't. It's less a game and more of an experience, if you ask me. A work of art. Recommended for people who like to ponder and explore, and don't mind some creepiness here and there.
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Old 2011-12-06, 02:21   Link #3
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I've been meaning to play this, is there a download link I can use?
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Old 2011-12-06, 20:54   Link #4
Love Yourself
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It's a free game, so it should be fine to post download links here.

Here's one you can use:

I'm not sure if there are others.
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Old 2012-05-28, 16:05   Link #5
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I love Yume Nikki! it's quite fun to explore Madotsuki's dream-worlds with the girl herself.
And even though people sometimes complain about it's lack of dialogue or storyline, I personally think that it paves the way for people to come up with their own interpretations.

The ending though... ;_;

Speaking of Yume Nikki, has anyone else played the fan-games that followed afterwards, like Yume 2kki or .flow?

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Old 2013-08-04, 00:11   Link #6
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So there's a light novel coming out on August 8th.

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