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View Poll Results: how much out an anime fan are you on the outside
high 18 21.18%
medium 32 37.65%
low 35 41.18%
Voters: 85. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2008-10-02, 21:59   Link #21
Hina is my goddess
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Low. i wear my geass necklace as a calling symbol to any other anime watchers out there. Most people who watch anime have seen code geass and recognize the symbol.
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Old 2008-10-02, 22:06   Link #22
Let it Rain
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Los Angeles
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I find that theres nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to anime. I just openly tell people and let people know through the stuff I have. When I meet people and talk I usually tell them that I'm really into games and anime.
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Old 2008-10-03, 05:24   Link #23
All Hail Lelouch!
Join Date: May 2008
Location: In His Majesties Service.
Age: 35
Low, but thats because in the area that i live anime fans are few and far between so whats the point if no one "gets" it. I'm not saying their aren't any because someone always manages to buy EP X of series Y from HMV before me, so they exsist, its just that i've never met them. Doesn't help that unlike in America the concept of any after school club for anything other than sports or music is a foriegn concept.

If i had someone to share my enthusiam for my hobby with apart from my friends(who laugh and call it childish, but WTF they still read American comic books so screw them if they don't see the hipocrisy) i'd be more incilned to move up a notch.
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Old 2008-10-03, 08:29   Link #24
Observer/Bookman wannabe
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Singapore
Age: 33
This happened to me today. Some kid's handphone was playing the latest DGM ED and I stopped to hum it. He turned around, I walked away. Then, I turned around and blurted,"You DO know that DGM has ended, right?"

He asked when it'll restart and I said that I have no idea. So yeah...
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Old 2008-10-03, 08:32   Link #25
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Extremely low, it's almost unthinkable considering my disposition, despite living at Anime central. My profession is fashion design, thus my tendency to mingle around the social cohorts of the Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku and spending many a day admiring Alexander McQueen's latest collection. Lest I forget the notably surprised (if a tad turned on) reaction when my girlfriend (of whom is Japanese) found out of my delights for mecha robots and ecchi chananigans.
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Old 2008-10-03, 12:59   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: England
Age: 28
Trust me when I state that if an individual was to go into my room they would easily be able to recognise me as a fan of anime. Figures, posters, CD's, and the masses amounts of DVD's I have make it ever so obvious. Also I was known in school as the major anime fan around my friends, and I somewhat am in college too. My family are also very, very, very aware.

Also, when I wear my Ayanami Rei shirt it makes it all the more obvious.
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Old 2008-10-04, 12:57   Link #27
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Australia,Queensland

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Old 2008-10-04, 15:47   Link #28
Terrestrial Dream
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Tesla Leicht Institute
Age: 28
Low since I have no money to buy any merchandise but if I do have the money I will probably buy lots of manga and gunplas. Seriously I want to be just like Keroro, owning all those Gunpla. Though I do have few mangas and really owning and reading a manga is so much better than reading through scanlation for me.
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Old 2008-10-04, 16:49   Link #29
There will be no miracle
Join Date: Mar 2008
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I'd say medium due to a few figurines, dvds in the closet, manga on the bookshelf, and an anime wallpaper. None of it is readily visible though, unless you go into my room.
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Old 2008-10-04, 16:57   Link #30
I've been Kawarolled
Join Date: Sep 2007
Age: 28
Send a message via AIM to FLCL
nil asside from my computer, until you get to my cars....

i have a exact replica of Buntas WRX, unintentionally (im a big autocross/track/time attack driver guy)

im tempted to get the matching license plate

and my aim, but ive had the same aim for 6 years and only my anime friends get it
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Old 2008-10-04, 20:33   Link #31
yoruichi fan
Join Date: May 2008
Location: California
Age: 27
yea were i live seems to be kinda under the impression that anime=hentai as well. like the other day when i had to go to this school carnival because i am the japanese modern visual culture club pres. there were a group of jack***** who walked up to us and were like "so what kinda things do you guys do in your club?" we responded that we watch anime read manga and play video games. then came the response isnt anime like porn. so yea i would say that for the most part were i live is pretty critical of anime and generally doesnt like it. kanashii. but o well i do the best i can.
yea i usually wear anime clothing to school. i have a couple bleach shirts, cowboy bebop and naruto. then i also were my my neighbor totoro hat to school. i thought it was kinda funny though how i tend to get more comments when i wear the hat than the tshirts. it seems like a lot of people have seen miyazaki's films.
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Old 2008-10-04, 22:02   Link #32
Super Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: California
Currently I'd be rated very low. I don't have any physical anime memorabilia. But in the past I did. I used to have Sailormoon and Dragonball Z posters. Gundam and Kenshin action figures. I also wore a Gundam Deathscythe t-shirt.

But now that I'm older, all my anime stuff is kept to my harddrive. Though I have been considering getting this. Bankai!!
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Old 2008-10-04, 22:48   Link #33
anime ronin
death by animeoverdos X_X
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: hinamizawa in an endless cycle of death
Age: 27
oooO, i thought u were asking how much of an anime fan i am in general... i put high...
but for me, it really depends. i have friends who like anime just as much as me and friends who dont watch anime. ide say high when im around my friends who watch anime and medium to low when im around friends who dont watch it. im not afraid to tell anyone i watch anime, but you really couldnt tell from looking at me. i own a couple mangas, but that's just about it.

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Old 2012-09-08, 23:21   Link #34
this is how its done
Join Date: Mar 2012
for me very low.I'm more of a sports/music fan so my room is filled more with sport/music related things.As an anime fan the only thing I'm willing to buy is manga doesn't matter if it's in japanese or english as long as it's from my favorite series/author
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Old 2012-09-09, 07:36   Link #35
a small cat
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Nanairogaoka
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It depends on the time of day and what place for me.

Walking on the street with my black office bag, I don't look like an anime fan at all. At the office, at breaktime it's medium. I have a japanese language textbook (I'm studying to read and write the language), some practice sheets, and sometimes anime wallpaper print outs (AKB0048 wallpaper pics for example) at my desk. Also have an anime themed mirror inside my bag at all times, it's from a cosplayer friend - I consider it as a sort of goodluck charm.

It's high in my room, neatly piled on one corner are boxes of my orders that arrived from HLJ and CDJapan (figmas, music cd's, a hardcover full color precure manga, and some other things). On another area of the room, also neatly piled are the simple stuffs I got from anime conventions (keychains, stuffed toys, doujins, and some other assorted things). I like keeping the walls of the room neat and tidy, so there's only a few wallpapers in the room and those are at my bedside.

Socially? Well, lets see.. all of my coworkers, my friends in college, some of my patients, the people at the laminating store where I bring anime print outs to be laminated, and a cashier from a nearby grocery know that I'm an anime fan.

Last edited by Liddo-kun; 2012-09-10 at 09:06.
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Old 2012-09-09, 07:42   Link #36
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Philippines
Age: 31
Send a message via Yahoo to NoemiChan
I say medium.... I tend to be serious when at work or when busy... but during discussions and free time... I often joke around... I dislike too much serious talks. It is suffocating.... I'm called the ice breaker in our group... Anyway, I do have Dvds but I switch to MP4s last year... I don't put posters... my Mom would get annoyed... hahaha

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Old 2012-09-09, 08:30   Link #37
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Med-High I guess

If you go in my room you can definitely tell I am an anime fan: DVD's, manga, figures, other merchandise.

To my friends off the Internet I have a lot of stuff I am sure, but when I compare my collection to others I've seen on the net it doesn't seem that big.

I don't cosplay, although I might wear an anime shirt on the weekends, never to work of course.
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Old 2012-09-09, 09:07   Link #38
Shocking Pink
Join Date: Dec 2007
Age: 23
I'd say medium because while I have no anime merchandise/posters (I do have a large collection of manga though), my cover picture on Facebook is of anime characters. Also, I doodle them all the time, so people see that as well. So, anybody that's well acquainted with me would know that I enjoy it, but I don't talk about it much at all.
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Old 2012-09-10, 01:00   Link #39
Clow Card Master
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Maryland, USA
Age: 30
Oh, jeez, mine is ridiculously high. I don't keep it hidden at all.

In fact, my brothers and I like to play the game, "What interests do you have based on what's in your room?" Mine is listed as "Very Easy Mode." Wallscrolls, posters, and framed fanmade prints are all over the walls, figures everywhere, my shelves are all around the top of my room and they are loaded with DVDs and manga. I have an anime themed mousepad and I always have some kind of anime wallpaper on my computer screen. If you go into my closet, there's a good portion of it covered in different anime plush, more merchandise stored away, and I have a ton of anime t-shirts. Lately I've been buying purses - I currently sport a Sailor Moon purse made out of a Sailor Moon bedsheet that I got off of Etsy and a matching wallet from Hot Topic. I've also been buying earrings - I picked up some Sailor Moon and Kamina earrings just a few days ago, actually. (Good ol' Etsy, covering all of my interests from head to toe.) Furthermore, I decorate my school binders with anime pictures and stickers and my backpack has anime keychains dangling from it. My iPod is also filled with OSTs and opening and ending themes of series I've watched, along with some anime-related podcasts.

It's wildly obvious that I love anime and anyone could tell that just by looking at me. It's just fun for me to do so since it's my major interest. I've gotten some nice compliments.

Despite all of these things, I don't really talk about it with folks unless they bring up the subject first or ask me about it. I may be totally decked out in anime gear, but I can keep up a conversation without it.
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Old 2012-09-10, 16:23   Link #40
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2010
Age: 28
To answer basically all of your questions, this was a photo of my room a couple of months ago.

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

Also pretty much the only t-shirts I have, have various anime characters I love on them so yeah I'm just going to say high and get it over and done with.
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