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Old 2004-11-02, 14:17   Link #1
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Cool One Piece Manga Ch 344 [Spoilers]

And thus now chapter 344 raw of One Piece is out now. Too bad I can't mention where you can find this but I'm guessing any fan of the manga will be able to find this.

Now I have two chapters of the One Piece manga I can't read into since I don't like looking into the raws. Besides the point, just wanted to inform anyone who cares.

Someone really needs to beat me when it comes to this announcement.
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Old 2004-11-02, 16:32   Link #2
Join Date: Dec 2003
I hate where the manga is going ... I don't care what the reason is, I hate when characters turn against their crew (and I'm not talking about Usopp)
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Old 2004-11-02, 18:39   Link #3
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imo, it was a very good chapter, it cleared many things for us and we got to see a little bit into robin's past. so its all good.
go oda, you never let me down.
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Old 2004-11-02, 19:07   Link #4
Lord Raiden
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Come on guys, post a text summary. T_T
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Old 2004-11-02, 19:28   Link #5
Love Cook
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Bleh. So apparently the government is after some forgotten super powerful weapons? Bah, welcome to 75% of RPGs out there. :/ Aside from that little bit, I'm quite pleased with how Water 7 is going. Quite.
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Old 2004-11-02, 20:42   Link #6
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Just read the translatoin after reading the raw. NIce chapter. Liked how Robin and the rest of her group were tricked.

I just hope Luffy kicks Robin's ass.
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Old 2004-11-02, 22:06   Link #7
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Originally Posted by Lord Raiden
Come on guys, post a text summary. T_T
here's a simple summary:
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Old 2004-11-04, 15:58   Link #8
hi no ken Jebus
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One Piece Manga Ch 344 [Spoilers]

awesome chappy zoro actually did something no sign of sanji yet and this new warship thing is very interesting. Pluton is probably going to be some hardcore stuff. Poor Robin she looks confused about the whole thing i think her whole flashback thing is coming. i mean they mention her family so this is a good a time as any. i wonder who will match up with who from the straw hat crew with the government folks.

[OT] One piece 207 awesome stuff do check out if you havent. kind of a drag they used wapol's seiyuu for foxy. from the new intro you can sort of see kaku's face and it does seem it's his actual face no mask. the colors for the davy back and water 7 people was not what i expected but still awesome. anyway enough glossing about it


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