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Closed Thread
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Old 2014-10-03, 16:11   Link #101
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Join Date: Sep 2014
Funimation has announced that they have licensed Garo. While airing time is TBD expect sometime tonight.
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Old 2014-10-03, 16:36   Link #102
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Haven't seen the first episode, but I've seen the opening. The song is good, as expected of Kageyama (though a bit too actiony when compare to other Garo ops), but the video is like being on an acid trip... I don't know what to make of it
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Old 2014-10-03, 20:59   Link #103
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Say, since this season is being based on in the past, I wonder if we will get to see some origins of the Makai Knight armor of Kiba and some ancestors of the other Makai Knights like Badon, Baron, or Lord/Rord.
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Old 2014-10-04, 03:10   Link #104
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Spoiler for Episode 1:
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Old 2014-10-04, 04:10   Link #105
Fear the Spear
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No subs yet?

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Old 2014-10-04, 04:37   Link #106
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Well, this was fun. I'm not familiar with the source franchise either so I didn't know what to expect from it, but it was lots of fun, and it also looked really nice. Looking forward to the rest.

One thing though, that golden wolf helmet looked really cute and non-threatening. I suppose it's the short muzzle and the cartoonish teeth...
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Old 2014-10-04, 04:40   Link #107
Cah Gunungkidul
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Didn't expected this to be so good!!
Great combination of dark story, adult content ( not cheap fanservice ) and great action
Best first episode in this season so far!
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Old 2014-10-04, 04:45   Link #108
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Still no info then Funi will air it?
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Old 2014-10-04, 04:54   Link #109
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It was actually good for a Garo adaptation, though I'm a little bit weirded out by the Garo armor though. It isn't as golden or shiny as I expected, and the whole flame on one side is kinda strange.

I'm hoping that Leon already have some Horror kills under his belt, enough that we could see his 100th Horror kill and the metal horse after that.
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Old 2014-10-04, 05:19   Link #110
Fear the Spear
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Location: Osaka Castle
Can't resist so I watched the raw, and it didn't disappoint. The action is very Garo-esque, and the CGI is much better than the live-action.

IMO, they should've done this a long ago. Imagine the possibilities...

"...all that is left for us is to fight to our hearts' content."
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Old 2014-10-04, 06:46   Link #111
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Episode 1

Destroy This Rebirth
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Closed Thread

action, dark fantasy, garo, tokusatsu

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