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Old 2011-07-04, 20:26   Link #21
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Originally Posted by darkchibi07 View Post
In due time, you will end up buying yourself a Blu-ray player.

(though it's kind of pointless unless you have an HD TV)
That's the other reason I don't want one. We have an HD TV in the living room, but the TV I use is in my room, and it's a dinky little thing. So Blu-ray wouldn't have much of an effect.
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Old 2011-07-06, 01:59   Link #22
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Dr. Pepper is going to love the extra advertising opportunity. "It's an intellectual drink, for the chosen ones."
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Old 2011-07-13, 22:53   Link #23
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Originally Posted by velderia View Post
Dr. Pepper is going to love the extra advertising opportunity. "It's an intellectual drink, for the chosen ones."
You'd better hope that FUNi decides to pay Dr. Pepper to keep it in.
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Old 2012-10-13, 02:04   Link #24
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Judging from the first half of the dubbed episodes. I don't recall them directly naming it Dr. Pepper. Seems they decided to instead replace it with a more generic term like "soda" or drink.

But the "DK Pepper" can still be seen on the containers for the drink.

EDIT: After rewatching the first episode where it's first mentioned, it seems the dialog for that scene was pretty much completely re-written. The mention of it being an "intellectual drink" seems to have either been moved to and/or preserved in a later episode as I recall him mentioning it again in the lab with Kurisu. In that instance it is also not referred to as Dr. Pepper, but instead refers to it as "soda".
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Old 2012-12-03, 22:21   Link #25
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wonder if they'll release a single collection set....
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Old 2012-12-07, 00:03   Link #26
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Probably, but Funi tends to only release single collections after all the half sets have sold out which takes at least a year and, since set two is only coming out later this month, I wouldn't expect that until close to 2014.
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