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Old 2012-08-08, 12:46   Link #1
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Raiderz...and a SAO themed guild!

So, if any of you guys haven't heard already, Perfect World is publishing another mmorpg by the name, "Raiderz."

It is an action-combat style, so imagine the combat of games like Dragon Nest, C9, Vindictus, etc...
It has several similarities to Monster Hunter, in the sense that the goal of the PVE aspect of the game is to hunt the large epic boss monsters.
You can google the game title and look it up more if you need to.

However, it will be open-world. That means no dungeon crawling. You are free to explore the world, and fight what you see, when you run into it.

Anyway, I'm registered for the Closed Beta, which starts today at 8pm EST. and some other sites are still giving away several thousand keys, last I heard. (like a day ago).

If you want to get in and check it out, give it a shot! And maybe we can even see each other in the SAO-themed guild.

Up until level 30, if you die in PVE you are kicked from the guild. It adds and interesting aspect of hardcore to the game that I think will spur a rather large movement. If you make it past 30 w/o dying, you are one of the leets!

Also, feel free to post ur in-game char. names here, so we can maybe get an anime-suki community going in the game. The type of gameplay will spearhead future virtual-type games, imo. The action-based combat system, that is.

My in-game name will probably be krikit, if I can get it...
Who will you be?
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Old 2012-08-08, 16:46   Link #2
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PWE lol

Expect to see XP and damage potions and refining scrolls in the cash shop.
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Old 2012-08-08, 19:00   Link #3
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I'm playing completely like SAO, I'm going to be like Kirito and be a mostly Solo player and party up only on occasion lol. In game name should be same as this one, if not I'll edit it.
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