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Post Gundam Forum Guidelines...

As the generic nature of the title of this forum indicates, this forum is for discussing anything related to Gundam. While it has obviously been established mainly for allowing discussion of Gundam Seed Destiny, it should be used for other Gundam series as well, such as ~ Seed, ~ Wing, ~ Victory etc. etc.

Remember: do not ask for licensed series!
Currently only a few series in the Gundam franchise are not licensed. Please check before asking anything related to downloading a certain series if it's licensed! See the License Database (and especially the links mentioned on the first page of it) for information on this:

For a detailed list of specific Gundam series and manga that are currently licensed, visit the Licensed Gundam thread.

Use series and episode tags!
Most of the discussion here will be about Destiny, but still please use tags to seperate the threads. Begin your threads with tags like [Wing] or [GSD] to indicate which series your thread is about. Don't forget to mention the episode too if you are discussing one specific episode.

Use spoiler tags!
Think whenever you are posting anything if it is a spoiler. If so, please use spoiler tags:

Obviously NEVER put spoilers in thread titles themselves! Instead of making a title like "Character X dies in episode #", please use a title like "[GSD] OMG! About what happens in episode 35 [Spoilers!]" Thread titles found to run contrary to this and the above points will be edited or deleted.

Rude or insulting posts!
If you happen to disagree with another's point-of-view or opinion on a matter there are better and more constructive ways of expressing your disagrement than making posts that insult or are overly rude towards other members. Rude and/or insulting posts will not be tolerated, ever. Examples of what would constitute 'rude or insulting' posts are posts which serve no other purpose than to insult individual or groups of members such as...
You fucking geek, stop making stupid threads
...don't waste your time with Shinn's lovers... they're like their beloved
*if you notice one of the above quotes as being your's, take heed of this message.

If you ever feel the need to make posts for the expressed purpose of insulting other members, reconsider. To combat this growing issue a 3 day ban will be handed down to anyone found doing so. All posts of this nature will be considered flame bait and deleted.

Everybody is entitled to a favorite character, there is nothing that can be done about it. As a matter of courtesy however, please try to keep the urge to express one's self in the most fanboy-istic of fashions to a minimum. At the same time realize that while you may like one character many of the other posters may not be fans of the same character and as such, arguments using points like "<character> is the best! Everything they do is right!" won't go far in persuading others to conceed your points. Your arguments will be recieved far better if they are presented using sound and clear points in their support.

"<Character> must/should die!" posts and threads!
As pointed out above, everybody is entitled to a favorite character and by the same token, everybody is entitled to a character they just don't like. It happens, c'est la vie. However, simply because you dislike a character is no reason to point out everytime they do something you disagree with that 'they should die.' It is annoying and generally uncalled for to have people state these opinions over and over and over and... Threads and posts of this nature will be removed and depending on the frequency of the posts (by one user) bans may be given out.

Images and hotlinking!
First order of business; the Animesuki Forums are not an image board, they are a forum for discussion. Image heavy posts will be edited so that they do not hinder other users from enjoying the forum to the fullest.

1) Hotlinking:
First, bandwidth theft. It's safe to assume as fact that not one person here, member, guest, viewing or posting, on this forum helps pay for the bandwidth used by the sites, boards and servers which host these images. At the same time it's safe beyond the slightest measure reasonable doubt to assume that not one person here has the permission of the administrators of these servers, boards and sites to hotlink to their images or use their bandwidth in such a fashion. For that reason people are NOT to post images from servers servers or boards, be it in the IMG code or the URL code (there is an exception to this detailed further down). Stealling their bandwidth is completely inappropriate to start with but the issue becomes compounded as the traffic on this site/forum and at host board increases.

For example; the images hosted at 2chan are only alotted a certain amount of bandwidth, when that bandwith is exceeded the image is removed. At that time the images cease to work and the links return 'File not found' errors on pages filled with porn ads. If you are wishing to post screencaps taken by yourself or lifted from 2chan or even 4chan since the images will filter their way to that board as well, host the images at the appropriate sites (sites such as Imageshack). When posting the images, in an effort to increase their longevity, do NOT post the actual image. Post it either as a link or a thumbnail that way the image's bandwidth is not consumed everytime someone refreshes the page.

2) Image Size:
Put simply; if it will not fit in the window on a 1024x768 screen without causing side scrolling do NOT post in it any form other than a link or thumbnail. In addition to this, exercise some common sense when posting images; not everyone is on the fastest of connections or using the largest of screens (I know my laptop screen's maximum is 1024x768) and loading a page filled with ~/+1mb images is reason enough to bang one's head against the wall endlessly for that is about how long it'll take to load the page.

On top of this, hiding the images inside spoiler boxes does NOT save bandwidth or speedup the loading of a page, the browser still has to download and cache the image even though it is not 'visable.'

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