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Old 2018-12-27, 10:37   Link #11101
Sonic!I AM SONIC!!!!!
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Just some random things about Azadistan since it got brought up, mainly from the Kuroda-approved novels:

- Marina is mainly a symbolic leader even if she is technically the head of state. Basically the Parliament was divided so much that they agreed to revive the monarchy in hopes that can minimize the disputes like some sort of third party mediator (which didn’t work I guess).

- Marina was just a normal girl who loves to sing but was chosen because she is the latest generation of the ancient royal bloodline.

- Azadistan’s Parliment is divided into two sides, each side representing different sects of a particular religion. My guess is that the Conservatives and Reformists seen from the anime are also these sides.
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Old 2019-01-09, 21:31   Link #11102
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Just got through the series and the movie. Excellent, very much excellent. I was pretty happy at the contradictions of Celestial Beings being handled pretty maturely.

"We start war to end war."
"That's a hypocritical!"
"We know, nothing else in history has worked."
"You're a bunch of killers making things worse!"
"We know, we don't reject responsibility for it."

Also for all the rampant whining about aliens, I thought they were woven throughout the story quite well. They weren't damn rubber forehead aliens which is my biggest pet peeve in most sci-fi series. They were actually pretty terrifying. Gundam 00 does fairly well as harder sci-fi than most.

Graham Aker is probably the best Char clone in existence, probably more so IMO than the man himself. His Sol Braves team got the biggest hero moment in the movie for my money.

For favorite MCs it would go Lockon - Hallelujah tied for first, Setsuna, Tierra.

Ali Al Saachez is a magnificent son of a bitch. Gonna miss that warmonger.
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Old 2019-02-17, 19:07   Link #11103
Mad Pierrot
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Still no news about the possible sequel?
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Old 2019-02-18, 06:41   Link #11104
Rising Dragon
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As far as 00 goes, all I know that's new is the new Gundam Throne, the GNW-004 Gundam Throne Vier, the repaired and upgraded successor of the Gundam Throne Zwei. Part of that stage play.
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Old 2019-02-19, 10:03   Link #11105
Sonic!I AM SONIC!!!!!
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That thing looks like its the midquel to Zwei and Arche. It has Arche’s colors and some parts while also being Zwei.
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Old 2019-08-22, 18:20   Link #11106
Roloko vi Britannia
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I'm guessing that the sequel I've been hearing about everywhere was just a stageplay? They would've at least dropped something by now if there was going to be a new TV series or OVA/Movie.

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Old 2019-08-23, 01:41   Link #11107
Sonic!I AM SONIC!!!!!
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​They were three 00 works announced at the 00 10th Anniversary Re:Vision event in April 2018:

a) A stage play called Re:Vision which takes place canonically after the movie. This was performed during the actual April 2018 00 10th anniversary event itself.

This stageplay takes place after the movie and stars Laetitia Erde and Graham Aker with their mechs Dynames Repair II and Exia Repair IV. The lineart you see of the characters and mechs were made for this stageplay.

Laetitia who has Tieria's memories but with a different personality takes over Tieria's role as he is traveling with Setsuna to the ELS home world.

b) A stageplay remake of the TV series called Re:Build was released in February 2019. This retells the TV series as a separate continuity and has some plot changes like Ribbons hiring the Trinities instead and Ali getting a fourth Gundam Throne unit.

On this topic, it was announced early this month that this stage play will get a Second Season.

c) A new 00 project by Seiji Mizushima that is reportedly a sequel. We don't know much about it but we got an animated teaser during the 00 10th anniversary event April last year. We even spent the last few pages of this thread discussing the teaser. I attached the link to the teaser with sub's below:

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

So what is the status of this project? We don't know. Could still be on track or could be in developement hell - stuff like that happens all the time. But one thing for sure is that we knew from the beginning it was not the stageplay. That was also announced during the same event and clearly marked as such format.

On a different Gundam note, the last 4-5 years Tomino talked occasionally about how he is still developing a compilation movie series for G-Reco - and the full annoucement of the first movie (and the rest of the five movie series) didn't hit until a few months ago. It can take awhile especially since we know that Sunrise is working on a lot of other Gundam projects as well.

The 00 new project was also announced during a 10th anniversary event. Likely the project was announced much earlier than it would have had it didnt commerate with a special number. Pre-production can take years for some projects even when nothing is going wrong.

Just be warned that even if it does get released it could be a smartphone game with animated parts just like the IBO one, we still don't know the format.

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