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Old 2021-04-14, 09:49   Link #4661
osananajimi hater
Join Date: Jun 2008
Not every VN needs to be Grisaia or something. Long common routes are usually for zany harem hijinks or SoL, though there are exceptions I suppose. Stuff like Fate/ works with a minimal common route, and I don't even know where you would put a common route on something like SubaHibi.

I was debating bringing up prologue only VN anime in my previous rant but if nothing else they are honest and/or unapologetic about being an advertisement for the VN. My overall point was to give examples of what you could end up with if a studio couldn't do justice to an actual adaptation, which is why I brought up True Tears. I guess I could have brought up something like Popotan as well, which at least used the characters from the VN it adapted -- though it was anime original beyond that.

Speaking of manga though look at something like Komi-san; 300 chapters now and no adaptation in sight even with plenty of demand for it. If something is even remotely difficult to adapt its probably easier to just adapt one of the 800 bajillion LN (or worse, WN) that are safe, if nothing else.
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Old 2021-04-14, 10:47   Link #4662
Cosmic Eagle
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Originally Posted by stray View Post
and I don't even know where you would put a common route on something like SubaHibi.
Yuki's route was probably the closest to that I guess
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Old 2021-04-14, 21:20   Link #4663
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Originally Posted by Tactics View Post
I can understand need of maximum immersion by choice but if isekai can be diluted enough with similar premises, every VN have common route should be achievable.
I don't think that's necessarily a good thing. Or a good thing in general for creative works.
It only "works" with Narous because that's not creation and those people are not authors.

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Old 2021-04-20, 10:12   Link #4664
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It's not really realistic, IMO, Isekai happen part due to the trend of otherworld premises is better, but also because on the author side, Isekai based world building is really easy to write. Isekai is really easy for new author to enter the industry as writer since it is less strict and less conflicted within the settings, as author decided everything from the scratch, and it's also leave room for author to come up with new things later. For VN that is generally self contained within 1 game and clear endings is required, the Isekai genre isn't meshing well with VN.
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