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Fat is justice!
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World Of Cultivation

Name: World Of Cultivation
Author: Fang Xian
Length: 915 Chapters (complete)
Current translated chapters: 680

This is the cover for the promotional manwha which only has two chapters and pretty good art

Link to the manwha

There are many synopsis:

Translator summary: Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Zuo Mo is a zombie faced low level cultivator in a minor sect of a little world. Ever since he was picked up by the sect leader two years ago, he has no memories of his earlier life except a recurring nightmare. Navigating the rigid class structure and intricacies of the cultivation world, as one of the lowest possible of the lowest class, Zuo Mo’s dream is to earn money, and lots of it through being a spiritual plant farmer. A chance occurrence reveals that someone powerful had changed Zuo’s features and erased his mind. The money grubbing zombie decides to set out on a journey of cultivation to find out answers. Fate colludes with chance, the drums of war are beating, the ghost of his past is coming… …
Chinese Summary (Translated): This novel tells the hot-blooded talk of how, in the cultivation world with the laws of the jungle, Zuo Mo, a low cultivator who’s face had been changed and his mind wiped, cultivates, levels up as he tries to find his memories. At the same time, it is the record of the struggles of a miserly, greedy, and shameless “questionable youth.”

Two years ago, zombie-faced male Zuo Mo was picked up by the head of the Wu Kong Sword Sect back to the sect. The amnesiac youth lived a busy and satisfying life, wishing to earn more crystals, and putting in effort into the spiritual wheat. At last, he finally achieved his aim of becoming a spiritual plant farmer. A once overlooked outer sect disciple, he suddenly became a hotshot inner sect disciple. A sudden occurrence gave Zuo Mo the chance to find out a powerful person had changed his appearance and wiped his mind. Add that to the hopeless nightmare he would always have each night, he wanted to know the truth of what happened in the past. So he decided to keep cultivating and at the same time, find his enemies … …
But this is my favorite one:

World of Cultivation is the tale of a disgruntled young man and his quest to be the best farmer he can be, at least if it wasn’t for those annoying people who keep getting in the way of his pursuit of agricultural excellence.

Will conspiring forces turn him into a sword cultivator, or will he manage to throw off the shackles of fate and grow the best darn crops in the sect? Those air-headed cultivators dream of too much nonsense and don’t know how to live properly, they need to get a real job to earn some jingshi for a living like a normal person.
Link to the translation

This story has a slow pace and lots of build ups and world building, it starts with the MC as a farmer in the outer sect of a small country which is really refreshing compared to the all present focus on fighting of other stories, the first chapters are all about establishing the personality of the MC as an honest and (just a little) greedy worker who wants nothing but to live a good life making tons of money with his hard work

His most outstanding characteristic is his rigid face that doesnt move and looks like a zombie and the fact that he has no memories before he was found by the master of the sect, when he learns that his face and memories were altered by some powerful expert he aims to discover his past but that is a goal long in the future and he has it clear that the culprit may be someone incredibly powerful so all his ambition is to learn about his past to be at peace, at the moment there are no oats of revenge or stuff like that

The MC is the pinnacle of practicality and only learns stuff that can be useful, if it were for him he would never learn any combat arts and remain as a production cultivator but the world throws danger after dangers at him and he has no choice but to become powerful

Is there a harem?

Nope, there are some women there and there but the MC has more important goals at hand, like surviving the next fight or the next battle or getting money for the daily expenses of his people but there are close interactions with a couple of women and some general interaction with other women

Girl #1
Spoiler for Girl #1:

Girl #2
Spoiler for Girl #2:

Girl #3

Spoiler for Not Waifu:

Girl #4
Spoiler for Not waifu... yet:

There are some other women who interact with the MC but there is not that much closeness

Spoiler for Non Waifus:

Is the MC OP?

Spoiler for OPness:

The power levels seen so far are:

1 - Lianqui
2 - Zhuji
3 - Ningmai
4- Jindan
5- Yuanying
6- Fanxhu

Every level is stronger than the previous one but from level 4 the level is way stronger than the previous one to the point that it was said they could not be defeated by numbers alone... they do get defeated by numbers all the time so its proven wrong but it requires an elite squad of at least 500 with flawless team work to take down an enemy of an upper level

The sect

The MC belongs to the Wu Kong sect, a sword sect with some history that has been on the decline for a while but in the previous generation there are four elders in Jindan level (one Jindan is the standard for a small sect) so they are fated to go on the rise if they find suitable disciples and that is why the try to force the MC to become a sword cultivator

The four elders are one same voice most of the time so there is not much to say about them, in the sect it is possible to join by becoming an outer sect disciple and doing jobs like farming or taking care of the animals, once someone reach level 2 level that person becomes an inner sect disciple, if someone shows outstanding talent they can become core disciples

First Bro
Spoiler for BROness:

Second Not-Really-Bro
Spoiler for YoungMasterness:

The Spirit Teacher
Spoiler for StupidSexyYao:

Zuo Mo
Spoiler for MCness:

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Fat is justice!
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Location: In The Refrigerator, Behind the Mayonnaisse, Next to the Ketchup and to the Left of the Cole Slaw
The World

This story uses a pretty cool concept of worlds which are more like bubble worlds, the countries are called Jie and consist of a landmass surrounded by a void (which has turbulence so it may not be a void) those Jie are connected to each other by huge rivers which are the only safe natural entrance to every Jie

It is possible to make teleport formations from one Jie to another and you need a formation on every side, it is also possible to teleport blindly into another Jie but if its not done right they may end up in the void where the turbulence will destroy them

The size of the Jie determines the amount of natural resources it has and the quality of them so the big sects are all in the biggest Jie, when the story starts the MC is in a small Jie almost in the frontier

While there are natural energies in every Jie it is possible to alter them in a deliberate or accidental way to suit the needs of the inhabitants as the enemy does

The Enemy

The humans are at war with a faction called Yaomo who are said to be evil monsters who feed on humans, actually they are two species, the Yao which are born from natural energies and plant energies, they mostly cultivate mental powers the other faction are the Mo, which evolve from magical beasts and mostly cultivate body strength

The yaomo do feed on humans as their bodies are tasty and a good source of energy but the humans also hunt yaomo to refine their bodies into medicines, weapons and all kind of useful stuff so they are at war to consume each other

The spirit teacher is a Yao, which is the reason Zuo Mo never reveals his existence to anyone because he fears he will be killed when other people try to extract the yao and refine him into some kind of treasure

Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie

4000 years ago humans were at war with the yaomo and it lasted for a whole millennia, the humans were victorious and captured many powerful yaomo to refine them into useful stuff but the war ended because the strongest yaomo sacrificed themselves to create a zone were the humans could not absorb energy from the environment and thus were forced to retreat once they ran out of power

In the 3000 years after that humans constantly attacked Bloody Sky Metropolis to hunt for yaomo and while they were still unable to absorb energy they just had to go prepared with energy medicines and energy stones, the story starts with news that the yaomo are regaining the area and later they are able to advance while they use their method to make other Jie unsuitable for humans

Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie is actually composed of more than 50 Jie of medium and small size

The MC

Zuo Mo is not a paladin of justice and is all about being practical, he doesnt reject the yaomo as long as they dont attack him and gets along with some yao later in the story, he may be scared when he is weak and small but he soon understands that both sides have personal interests and there is no good or evil per se, all he cares is about his survival and the well being of his people

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For the Jingshi! The interaction between Pu Yao, Wei, and Zuo Mo is just too funny.
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brotherhood, cultivation, farmer, greedy mc, war

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