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Old 2021-05-17, 22:37   Link #1
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Fate/Grand Order - Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Movies

Welcome to the discussion thread for Fate/Grand Order - Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Movies.

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Old 2021-05-19, 06:32   Link #2
Cosmic Eagle
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Watched the finale part of the Camelot movie during the premiere.


I'll give it 8/10 I think

In another news, revealed during the pre-airing commercials, Prisma Illya Licht movie and Solomon arc movie in Summer
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Old 2021-08-12, 12:45   Link #3
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I think only the final scene was worthy in the movie. even the NP release for the other character felt Rush. What with Sanzang's??
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Old 2022-01-09, 18:54   Link #4
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Gotta love Lancelot's reaction to reuniting with his "son".
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Old 2022-01-23, 23:34   Link #5
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My initial feelings after finally seeing these are "really should have just made this a tv series." It's not a total disaster. But it really does just jump all over the place. Sometimes it feels like the movies are devolving into a clip show where they just grab scenes and start running through them. In some ways the whole thing is the worst paced moments of Babylonia.

Obviously cuts have to be made when condensing a whole singularity into basically 3 hours. But that's also a fair argument as to why making this into a couple movies was a bad call. Touta hits the cutting block along with, Holmes, and of course the Hassans were rather whittled down.

The biggest cost I think was absolutely eliminating any connection between the First Hassan and Ritsuka. In terms of this movie and making Bedivere the main character that makes sense. The movies story is very much about his journey. Unfortunately it rather poorly lines up with anything outside of the movies. The First Hassan having a connection solely with Bedivere doesn't really make sense past this movie. I know they were just focused on this movie. But making plot holes for anything past this movie is a rather poor adaptation choice.

The movies aren't without good moments. Some of the fights were pretty good. Mash vs Lancelot was probably the highlight of the whole thing. It was utterly fun having an angry Mash just vent. It might not have impressed the Sun King, but I thought it was a blast.

Also surprisingly haven't seen a lot of criticism over Bedivere soloing Gawain. I could have sworn when Nero manages that it is a travesty of fiction .

Best I can give this is a 6.5/10. It's not terrible. But it has definite issues that weigh it down too much. The strong moments like the final scene or Mash vs Lancelot are good. But I don't think it carries the movies themselves above just being ok.
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Old 2022-01-24, 18:17   Link #6
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Never played the game but I liked those movies, even if I have to admit they were carried hard by my familiarity with Artoria and most of her knights (Gawain in Extra, Mordred in Apocrypha, and Lancelot in Zero). A lot of stuff was left unexplained (like that whole thing with Richard I's crusade) but the story it told work.

Bedivere was a compelling character, and having him be the MC with Ritsuka and Mash taking the backseat was a good choice. I didn't see the ending twists coming: him being human rather than a servant and his arm being Excalibur which he never returned to the lake.

The fight were great, especially Mash vs Lancelot and Gawain vs Bedivere. I have no idea WTF happened to Lancelot vs Agravaine, they became completely deformed at some point. I liked that instead of firing beams like in Extra, Excalibur Galantine produced fire. Helps differentiate it from Excalibur and makes sense given that Gawain is the Knight of the Sun.

It would have definitely worked better as a TV series, but what we got was good enough for me. Glad it got animated at all, unlike most of Grand Order.
Rize and Kaneki
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