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Old 2022-05-22, 23:02   Link #161
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Originally Posted by Belgaesh View Post
What I really want to know now is how Desumi is so strong, Fudo I get it as he trains a lot, but we really don't see her training much, we now saw her past training with Daigo. Is it because she is from a Gekko family?
Story's too lighthearted to assume she's been genetically experimented on...
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Old 2022-05-22, 23:46   Link #162
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I assume she's simply naturally gifted.
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^ Sadly (and obviously) Zonette didn't make the transition for the American Carranger adaptation: Power Rangers Turbo. Instead, the Americans introduced their own boobs villainess: Divatox

You know....FOR KIDS!!
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Their color scheme and personality kinda identical to Fuudo and Desumi.
I guess now we know which Sentai is author childhood on top of obvious "Fine, I'll do it myself with my OC" move.

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