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Old 2004-07-11, 11:54   Link #61
Saizen encoder
Join Date: Jul 2004
Hey :0
We Just opened a new fansubbing channel on called #saizen.
Come check our channel out

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Old 2004-07-13, 15:47   Link #62
Wolf Pack Translator
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 33
Send a message via AIM to Takato-chan
Just letting AnimeSuki people (to change our profile. XD) and everyone else that doesn't know where to find us, Wolf Pack Productions is on
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Old 2004-07-16, 22:57   Link #63
Join Date: Jun 2004
GSD Needs You

GSD who is the first group to to sign on to sub Gundam Seed Destiny needs:
  • Translator(s)
  • Timer(s)
  • Typesetter(s)
  • Encoder(s)
  • Editor(s)
  • QCer(s)
  • Distro
  • Raw Supplier(s).
  • BT Seeder(s)
  • IRC Bot Rooter(s)

some of them we need badly and some we just need extras of.

If you have experience doing any of these things go to
#GSD on for more information.
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Old 2004-07-25, 11:08   Link #64
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
Age: 32
Just a little notice..
If theres any Anime channels/Encoders or what not that are looking for a IRC network to start/move there channel..
Priv message me.. or E-mail me..

dont just pm/email to flame..
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Old 2004-07-28, 21:46   Link #65
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
hiya, here is our new group ^^, we'll hope to get stuff running soon within month or less.

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Old 2004-08-06, 10:58   Link #66
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Age: 31
Arabic Fansubbs !!

Hello ^_^

VIII is a new Arabic fansubbing group. We are working on Naruto and MONSTER.

We will be working on English subtitles when we get a Japanese --> English translator =)

We are at #VIII @

Have Fun!
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Old 2004-08-06, 11:33   Link #67
Lack Some Black
Join Date: Mar 2004
Dr.Jackal Group

Our Channel is ::

Recently established
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Old 2004-08-17, 22:36   Link #68
Kazenokoe Slave
Join Date: Aug 2004

Irc network:Immortal-Anime
Irc Channel:#KazeNoKoeFansubs

Last edited by NoSanninWa; 2004-08-24 at 06:03.
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Old 2004-08-21, 01:21   Link #69
Anime-Destiny Founder
Join Date: Aug 2004
Send a message via AIM to IzumiShiro Send a message via MSN to IzumiShiro

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Old 2004-08-21, 05:20   Link #70
... :D
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Canada
New group Nanashi, hope you like our releases.
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Old 2004-08-24, 02:35   Link #71
Freelance TS'er/Encoder
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Canada
Age: 34
Shin Otaku's new Portal :

We are recruiting translators for Our current projects. If you would like to join , please leave Khar/voxvam a pm on irc ( find us at or leave message in the forums. See you there... =)

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Old 2004-08-24, 10:37   Link #72
Uke-Fansubs Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
We're a new group. Uke-Fansubs. We'll be subbing Gundam Seed Destiny when it begins airing and perhaps even more. We are in desperate need of distro so if you're interested, stop by and PM one of the ops about it ^^. Thanks.

IRC Channel: #Uke-fansubs
IRC Server:
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Old 2004-08-27, 01:09   Link #73
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Exclamation #KyoAnime

We are a new anime subbing group, here's our info below:

Channel: #KyoAnime
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Old 2004-10-10, 17:31   Link #74
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
NEw Fansub(well not new but, new to out-side portugal)

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Old 2004-10-16, 08:37   Link #75
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: ヴェローナ
Neo-Tokyo Anime (or NTA) is an Italian FanSub Group

Channel: #neotokyoanime

see you!
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Old 2004-10-18, 20:03   Link #76
Solar Fansubs
Join Date: Jan 2004
Solar Fansubs has changed its domain name.
It is now
Our IRC channel is still
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Old 2004-11-01, 11:45   Link #77
Join Date: Jun 2004
Well, apparently dash now has a channel. #- on rizon.

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Old 2004-11-02, 19:24   Link #78
Join Date: May 2004

RevQuest is finally running, it will be having its first releases, within the next couple weeks.

Site: (but soon gonna have )
Channel:, this should get you there: irc://

And uhh, guess thats all, to check our stuff, check our site, thanks!

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Old 2004-11-12, 13:18   Link #79
Join Date: Jul 2004
Age: 34
Send a message via ICQ to Xinil Send a message via AIM to Xinil


We're the ones that just recently released Ring ni Kakero.
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Old 2004-12-01, 18:58   Link #80
Shi-Fa Staff
Join Date: May 2004
Location: USA
Send a message via AIM to clem-kun
Shining Fansubs have moved from #shifa to #Shi-Fa on Rizon.

Beware the power of the hyphen~!
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