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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Something like that. Wandering Shadow is a perfect place to end a season on, as well, given that it's the last story of their first year.
Originally Posted by Heatth View Post
Why do you think Wandering Shadow is a perfect place to end a season?

Heatth has a good point, though, and that's that Intrigues is a big-time build-up for 9 and 10. If they decide to blow the rest of their load and animate the remainder of the novels (including the likely-released-by-then Volume 10), it would be easier to stick to their "multiples of 14" release strategy, as it appears it would be easier to extend the remainder (up to and including Volume 10) to 28 than it would be to find a good stopping point around 14. And Intrigues, as much as I love it, fits much better as a midseason tease for later (semi-?)resolution than as a season ender.

That said, Kadokawa seems bent upon never quite giving us enough to satisfy ourselves with (annoying, but admittedly good business sense), and once the novels are spent, people they don't want losing interest (the loyal fans) will finally start doing so. I expect we'll see our way to the end of Wandering Shadow, like Kaisos suspects, but we may get something similar to how Bakemonogatari is handling their season, with unaired episodes (Wandering Shadow itself?) to close out.

Spoiler for 7, 4:
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